I Purchased a Kit and Didn't Receive My Download Link

Please check your spam folder, sometimes the link gets sent there by accident.

If it’s not there please do not contact us on social media. Send an email to maschinemasters@gmail.com with receipt attached for faster service.


How do I open the Maschine kit I just purchased?

The easiest way to load your kit is to open the project file directly from the purchased kit folder. It will ask you to locate the files. Go to the sample folder within the purchased kit and select the first file it asks for. This should find all the files and you should be good to go.


How do I register?

Why do you charge?

Being that we work hard to update content on a frequent basis, we need funds to keep the site running smoothly

Why can't I download sample packs or submit to beat battles?

You must be an Associate, Bachelor or Master member to take place in these

How do I submit to the Battles?

Follow link for info Beat Battles

How do I download sample packs?

Sample Pack Download  (must be logged in)

How do I get played on Beat Corner Radio Show?

Follow this link for info Beat Corner

How do I submit to the Maschine Masters Mixtape?

Follow link for more info Mixtape Submission

Site is not showing up on another browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc)

Reset your browser’s cache

I wasn't redirected after paypal, what do I do?

Please register here then contact us with a copy of your receipt so we can manually upgrade your account