How to Make Sounds for Video Games

How to Make Sounds for Video Games

Top video games like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto (GTA5), Call of Duty and Pokemon Go all use audio sound design to help bring their video games to life. Audio sound design for video games is becoming more and more popular, so we called on a professional sound designer.

Greg Savage breaks down just how to make audio for gamers in this new series – Sound Design Sunday. He will also cover how to’s for other industries such as Movie, Film, Television plus Synthesis using Logic Pro X, Reaper, Reason 9 and vst plugins. Stay tuned for this exciting series and be sure to leave your questions in the comment section below. For more tips, tricks and tutorials visit us at

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1 thoughts on “How to Make Sounds for Video Games

  1. Capice2003 says:

    This is an awesome segment that is rarely tapped. I am working on landing a few mobile games that I have in mind. You mentioned the creative brief that the developers send of the game. This is definitely needed and I definitely like the direction you went with this. Great job overall.

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