Ableton Introduces the New Push 2 Controller

Ableton Introduces the New Push 2 Controller

Today Ableton released a series of video tutorials showcasing the new Push 2 controller. As expected the Push 2 gives us the ability to access more from the hardware than the previous controller. I know a lot of producers will be tempted to compare the Push to Maschine or MPC Renaissance but at this point that is like comparing apples to oranges. Reason being is Ableton is a full fledged DAW and has way more functions than either of the others. Even though Maschine and MPC are capable of making awesome music, they are considered to be groove boxes.

From what I can see so far it looks like they have added some cool features on the Push 2 that would make it a lot more enjoyable to use than the first Push. Out of all that was on display I really gravitated towards the ability to load your own samples and edit them from the hardware without the need to see the computer. I know quite a bit of us have a difficult time grasping the WARP function of Ableton and it seems the Push 2 controller will make it easier to understand. Please see the video above.

I have yet had a chance to mess with Push 2, but from the looks I think I will be taking advantage of the 30% off trade in special and give Push 2 a whirl. Of course, how to make Hip Hop Using Ableton Push 2 tutorials are on the way!

Push 2 is now available to purchase at starting at $799

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