MSX Audio Presents The SAMMICH Kit 6

Waddup Maschine Masters, it’s the homie D-ski The Illeagle back with another one! MSXII Sammich Kit 6. This kit is extra special to me since I reviewed MSXII’s first Sammich kit! Remember the descriptive words from the review I did for MSXII Sammich Kit 1?  “KNOCK, PUNCH, BOOM, BAP, CLACK!!!!”?


Well this kit continues in that tradition of extra punchy, well rounded, hard ass drums. These joints are much like the rest of the Sammich kits: ridiculously usable. You get crispy snares, banging kicks, sizzling hats and cool percussive sounds. They took the time with this kit to add extras to the drums. Peep the kicks folder, you’ll find 12 layered kicks, some with voices or fx blended in. A lot of these sounds are far from your regular boom bap drums, that however is not to say you couldn’t craft boom bap joints from these drums by any means. These drums are VERY versatile.


Within the main MSXII – Sammich Kit 6 folder are 4 folders containing various sub-folders. These are different formats of the sample kit: Ableton Format, Maschine Format, MPC .SND Format and WAV format of the samples. Since each format folder is basically the same sounds formatted for the corresponding software, I’ll focus on the WAV folder. Within the Sammich Kit 6 WAV Samples folder there are 6 folders: Bass Patches (5 samples), Bonus Samples (5 samples), Cymbals (10 samples), Kicks (12 samples), Percussion (10 samples) and Snares folder (11 samples). 53 sounds in all are included.


All good things come to end is how the saying goes, and with this 6th and final Sammich kit we see the series come to an end. I mean, EVERY sammich kit has been packed with purely usable drums, odd tweaked out audio treats and dope banging kicks along crunchy snares. This kit is no exception. The the fact that this is the end of the series kinda makes me wonder what MSXII will come up with next? Perhaps they will bring the Sammich kits out of retirement like Jordan wearing the 45! Who knows? One thing we DO know, whatever route they choose to take after this kit will have to be an amazing one!


MSXII has built themselves from the ground up to be some of the most innovative sample creating sound designers in the game! From live breaks to fully composed soul samples that sound like they were sampled from classic records of yesteryear, these cats do it ALL! I had the pleasure of chopping it up with one of the creative minds M.Simp a little while back. Trust me these guys are very forward thinking musicians. It’s inevitable that whatever they put their minds, ears and hands on will turn out AMAZING! This kit as well as recent releases like the Soul Stems is solid proof of that. That being said remember the times where sound designers like these didn’t exist in this market and clearing samples was a bitch! Hold that memory, got it…..god now go support hard work and genius like this kit. Cop it HERE Peace!



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