SoSik Drum Kit

If you have been listen to the beat battle scene on YouTube, Istandard Producers, and various blogs, I am sure you have heard of a producer by the name of Sikwitit Beats. His name is pronounced (Sick-Wit-It). He is the reigning Beast of The Beats Champion. This is a beat competition sponsored by Istandard Producers. Sikwitit hails from Texas and has found acclaim with his unorthodox, eclectic and synth twisting beats. Since propelling himself to the forefront of the beat battle and various music production scenes, he has decided to enter the world of sound design and offer producers his first and latest drum kits. This kit is entitled: SoSick Drumkit Vol. 1. Let’s see how sick this kit really is…


First off, Sikwitit uses Reason as his weapon of choice to create The SoSick Drumkit vol. 1. All sounds are in wav format. There are more than 189 sounds in this Kit. There are 11 folders of dedicated sounds such as 808s, break beats, cymbals, hi hats, kicks, loops, percussion, random sounds, snares, one-shots and vox or vocal samples. The sounds are perfect for those wanting to create Trap or RnBass music.


Sikwitit infuses his character and personal qualities into each sound. The equalization, mixing and sound design tweaks are prominent in his kicks, snares and instrument sound. This is highlighted by the reverb and various effects placed on certain samples. For instance, the attack or punch of the kicks and snares will sit right in any mix. The One-Shots, loops and Vox Chants will definitely draw the attention of any producer. Furthermore, the loops are great for chopping and making your own grooves or generating ideas.


I took one of my old tracks and I removed the drums. I began to replace the drums with certain drums from the SoSik Drum Vol. 1. In particular, I chose the Sik Kick 3 (WIZ), the 8 Sik – Snare 17 (Alejandro) – 1, and the 16 Sik – HH 51 (FOSHA). These sound provided the punch I expected and help me turn my Boombap track in to a Trap. What makes this kit different is not the drums. If you have heard one trap song you have heard another. What you get with this kit is Sikwitit’s personality, synth, bass, and music making vibe to sprinkle some new life into your tracks. SoSik Drum Vol. 1 is a pretty slick kit. The drums sound clean but gritty and the loop sounds are great.


If you are looking for some new sounds to get those ideas pumping, trying to produce the next hit song or radio joint then consider the SoSik DrumKit Vol. 1.  The Random, Loops, 1Shot and Vox folders are loaded with sounds that are sure to help you generate some great Ideas for your next hit. Be sure to head over to Sikwitit’s website @ and purchase this kit for only 19.99.


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