Whaddup everybody? Maschine Masters and Daysun Civil are back with another MSXII review. This is part two, the continuation of “The Line” series from MSXII Sound Design. If you know anything about the first offering of “The Line”, you will know that The Line 2 picks right where the last one left off. If you’re wondering, this is a sample based kit comprised of drum line instruments: snares, bass drums, quad/quint toms and cymbals. Hold up, let’s see what MSXII Sound Design’s The Line 2 has in store for us.


First, let’s look at the contents of The Line 2. There are two folders of samples. One is labeled Additional One Shots and the second folder is labeled as Phrases. As you guessed it, The Additional One Shots folder contains 12 chopped one shot samples. The one shots range from snares to bass drums and everything in between: rim shots, sticking, quad hits, snare rolls, and bass drum hits. These 12 individual sounds are ready for use in your productions. The Phrases folder contains 39 samples of drum line cadences and expressions.


The marching band drumline sounds and phrases (cadences) in MSXII Sound Design’s The Line 2 can easily be chopped and manipulated to add spice to your productions or be the centerpiece of your drum programming. Also, The Line 2 is great for generating ideas or experimenting. Especially, if you are trying to create a new sound. I happen to think an added bonus found in The Line 2 is the vocals chants in some of the phrases. If chopped the right way, you can make a banger with lots of energy.


In terms of sound quality, the drumline phases (cadences) of The Line 2 were recorded well. What do I mean? Ultimately, all the samples have presence. There are a few cadences or phrases that are not quiet as loud as the overall project, but it does not take away from the overall quality of The Line 2. The attack of the snares and stick work is right in your face. As a former lead marching band snare drummer, I truly love the punch and feel of all the drums in each of the phrases.   


You may be thinking, how will I be able to use marching band drum sounds in my hip hop productions? Well, Rodney Jerkins used marching band cadences in Lose my Breath for Destiny’s Child. Swiss Beats used marching band cadences in Yung Won’s song Tear It Up! I know there are some trap songs that take elements from marching band songs. You could start a new trend.


MSXII Sound Design has another nice product with The Line 2. If you want to experiment then try this product. Mainly, if you like drumline sounds, it is a great purchase. Make sure you check out the demo song Produced by SoChyll910 on their sound cloud page right below! Then, head over to the drum broker’s website and purchase The Line 2 for only 24.99.


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