MSXII – Soulful Stems Vol. 3


If your into Soul MM, I would advise you to keep reading, as MSXII have just released the digital version of Soulful Stems Vol. 3. We all know that MSXII is up there with the best when it comes to sound design. Producing great kits consistency. Hands down to MSXII for keeping this up.


I have had the pleasure in reviewing Soulful Stems Vol. 2 and my bro Broadway reviewed Soulful Stems Vol. 1. Be sure to check out those reviews. I’m not sure how many of you know this, but MSXII was running a sample flip competition and the winner would receive a refund on their already purchased copy of the Soulful Stems Vol. 3 Vinyl and a load of other goodies. Dope competition and I’d like to hear the winning beat. Anyway, I was seriously tempted to purchase the vinyl and enter the competition. Unfortunately I didn’t, but I’m excited to be able to bring you the review for MM.


So to give you guys a quick overview Soulful Stem Vol. 3, its silky smooth texture and collection of sounds are a treat for the ear. It has been inspired by the late 60’s and 70’s. A good era for Soul music. The samples have been mixed carefully to allow to colours of the instruments to truly shine. A few instruments that are included are Analog Synthesizers, Organs, Fender Rhodes, Live Bass, Horns and many more. To give additional warmth the samples have been recorded using a vintage analog recorder and various mixing techniques have been used to give that right feel.


Now lets get to it! The pack is split into 2 folders. We get the 10 compositions with drums and 10 without. So in total we receive 20 compositions. As usual all the sounds are of high quality. So we get both compositions, with and without drums. This gives the user greater flexibility and control over what they want to use.


I always prefer to use the compositions without drums, as this allows me to add my own spin to it and we all know that drums are the most important. We want Big, Hard drums going over these tasty soulful sounds. Plus, I prefer compositions without drums when chopping. I wont have to worry about the drum clips that may get caught in the process. We can then add our own effects onto the individual drum sounds, getting them to sound exactly how we want.


If you decide to use the compositions with drums, that’s cool. Whatever works best for you. You can layer your drum sounds over the top and keeping the drums in the composition will add an element of groove. A nice recipe for a dope beat.


As far as chopping goes, both compositions were a pleasure. I got some nice clean slices that sound dope when played in various patterns. This kit really helps with the creative side, as it all comes flooding out once the composition is chopped. Some of my favourite compositions are Fifth Wheel Riding, Traitors Deadline, Reflections and Forward Ontology.


This kit really delivers what it was set out to do, induce creativity. There is plenty to play with and all the samples can easily be made into a dope track with a bit of work. This is a great kit for anyone starting or struggling with creativity. That being said, even the veterans who appreciate soul will have fun with this. Be sure to grab your copy from DrumBroker for a very reasonable price of $24.99.


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