MSX Fuzz & Drums 2

It’s that time again… MSXII – Fuzz & Drums 2 just dropped over at The Drum Broker, and I checked it out for you guys to let you know whether to buy or shy away from it!


I’m not going to harp on about MSXII. Most of us here are fully aware of who they are and what they do. I must be completely honest though… I never had the pleasure of reviewing the first part of this series so this kit was new to me. Lets crack on!


So after scanning this kit straight into my Maschine user library, I loaded it up and started checking out the repertoire of sounds included. This kit contains 11 folders and the 11 folders are compositions. The inside of these folders are full tracks and then the individual stems of the instrumentation used. After checking through the first few folders, it was very clear to me that this kit was a blues- and funk-oriented kit.  All of the compositions here were created originally by MSXII, so all of the samples are royalty free for use without having to get the samples cleared- Cool! That takes care of any licensing issues that might arise in the future.


So, how does this kit sound? One word… Saturated! The sounds in this kit are truly authentic and reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s music era. MSXII obviously got busy with some vintage amps to obtain such an authentic feel! The drum breaks included in this kit really stood out to me for their usability. They are ready to be diced up and manipulated.


The bass guitar samples also chug away nicely and the lead guitar samples pack some serious twang! However, the sound of the blues would not be complete with out the presence of an organ, and the legendary Hammond B3 purrs away nicely here. I really enjoyed the variety and diversity of the samples included in this kit.


MSXII definitely did a stellar job creating this kit for us. The warmth and richness of the samples included shine through immediately upon listening to it. All of the samples are 16-bit stereo .wav and, by the way, are ready to be put into your preferred host.


The guitars, organs and bass can be looped, chopped or even time-stretched out.

The blues and funk crate-diggers amongst you will enjoy using the kit. Some of you will also just grab an individual stem, whilst others will perhaps grab an entire composition. Either way, you will definitely get some good use out of this kit if these joints are the types of sounds you like to get busy with and use within your work.


In summary, MSXII – Fuzz & Drums 2 is another solid installment from MSXII. There is some great content here and there are lots of good samples to keep you occupied for a while. You can pick this one up today for $24.99 and, as always you, can download it straight away after check out at The Drum Broker. Head over there and snag it now!

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