Introducing The Complete Mixing Course

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Want To Learn How To Mix?

Get over 1.5 hours of in-depth training in this 11-Part Complete Mixing Course. Work along with Brian Temme using stems (included) as he walks you through (step by step) his entire process of mixing King Zeus’ song ‘Maybe It’s The Gold’ from start to finish. It’s like your right in the studio with him!

This mixing course will be demonstrated in Protools but these fundamental techniques can be used in Logic, Ableton, Cubase or any other DAW you can think of.

This particular training course concentrates on mixing modern hip hop and begins with organizing your tracks. He then shows you how to do a rough mix using panning and adjusting levels. Followed by adding EQ, Comperssion, Reverb, Parallel, Sidechaining and so much more!

This 90 minute course is packed with content that you don’t want to miss. Download today to start giving your music that professional sound quality it needs.

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