Beatnick Dee – Creative Medicine [Deluxe Version & Bonus Content]

What up MM, Illeagle here back with a gem of a sample construction kit! “Beatnick Dee – Creative Medicine” [Deluxe Version & Bonus Content]. This kit contains not ONLY dope drum samples but also the Creative Medicine album, the acapellas, the instrumentals, and of course the drums used to make those instrumentals. Oh yeah and lets not forget a 40min all vinyl mix in mp3 format called “Inspiration For Hire”. Its several songs selected from some of his favorite records. All gems! From Psych Rock, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, etc., these were carefully picked by the hand of a true record digger! Not many people make construction kits like this these days. This kit inspires you by having the album, its acapellas and instrumentals included. The provided acapellas can be used to  build entire beats around. The album and instrumentals are a great listen, very inspiring for getting in a mood of music creation.


Upon extracting the zip, you’ll find 5 folders and the 40 min mp3 file. Lets go over what’s in the folders, as well as the mp3. We’ll skip the album, instrumental and acapella folders (for now) as they contain exactly what they’re labeled with. The Bonus Vinyl Drum Kit folder contains 5 folders which are: Drum Rolls, Fx, Kicks, Percussion Loops, and Snares. Each folder contains 10 samples each for a total of 50 samples. Here are my favorite sounds from those corresponding folders:


  • Anime Chase
  • Whale


  • HA (Sounds like a psychedelic psychotic episode!)


  • Ee Kicks


  • WAR DRUMS (sound like something from Coming To America)




The sounds from the Creative Medicine Drums folder are all the drums lifted from the Creative Medicine Instrumentals. These drums have been processed so the kicks are heavy, the snares pop and some of the percussion and snares have different FX on them such as reverb. I wanted to go through each folder and list my favorite like a drum digger with OCD but all of them sound so ill. Plus who wants to read a 1000 word review….right?


So out of the whole Creative Medicine Drums folder I’ll focus on the THICKER THAN BLOOD folder. I mean damn, we got tom hits (SMASHES) that sound beautifully crunchy with organs coming in at the end of the sample. A boom bap snare (GOSPEL SNARE) that has people shouting for a spilt second at the end. Pure gems.  All the drums in the Creative Medicine Drums folder are completely usable, with no throw away sounds. The DRUM BREAK 2 from the BURNING CLOUDS folder, wow, just wholesome crunchy goodness man! This kit is a perfect example of what happens when a producer/crate digger with a ear for detail compiles and designs sounds. The drums are high quality yet possess the right amount of grit and dirt that make them perfect for producers looking for that knock!


In conclusion this kit is not only a collection of ill vinyl drums, it’s a trick or treat bag filled with audio candy! The extras are the icing on the cake. I really dig the idea of getting the album and all the fixings used to make it. Not to mention the 40 mins of extra samples ranging from Reggae, Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Boogie, Jazz and Soul. This kit is a treasure chest!  So head on over to DrumBroker and check it out! And check out the album below to get a better of idea of the gems included in this one! Until next time, be sure to stay tuned to MaschineMasters for all the latest beat battles, content and reviews!

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