The Drum Broker Presents – Analog Subs Vol. 1

What’s up world! Today I’m gonna drop my thoughts and feelings on a super dope kit coming straight from our good friends over at The Drum Broker. Analog Subs is a collection of sub bass patches sourced from authentic vintage machines (Roland SH 101. Memory Moog), optimized for MASCHINE, but  ready for all DAW’s with WAV. files. But enough with all the chit-chat, it’s time to fire up the samplers and see what kind of magic Analog Subs has up its sleeve.


Once I opened up Analog Subs, the first thing I noticed was the lack of labeling, where each sample (32 in all) is given a simple label, such as, “SUB 1”. For most, this is probably not a huge deal, but when I’m working with old school patches, I love to know what machine was used to source the patches I enjoy. But please allow me to digress…


As I mentioned earlier, Analog Subs is optimized for Maschine users by pre-mapping each sub across the piano roll and pads. This feature gives Maschine-heads a little bit of extra flexibility with designing the exact subs they want. All in all, these patches are super dope! Ranging from hard-hitting 808-esque samples, to heavy, modulated vintage synth samples, this pack has a little bit of everything for all genres. The only issue I noticed with Analog Subs that bothered me was the fact that some samples were not properly trimmed, leaving a click at the end of the sample. Once again, this isn’t a huge deal to most people, but it’s definitely something that stuck out to me. Out of the bunch, my favorite sample would be “SUB 29”. This particular sample fits real nice on a boom-bap beat with its electric bass feel, and is tons of fun to play with.


In conclusion, I would say Analog Subs is a true steal, coming in at half the price of most kits on the market ($14.99), this kit should definitely not be slept on. With a host of Vintage Machines used for the patches, these sounds are hard to find nowadays, and regardless of genre, can add some banging bass to any modern day production. So make sure you head over to The Drum Broker today to grab your copy of Analog Subs. This is a very versatile kit that every producer should own and we are looking forward to seeing what volume 2 has to offer. Until next time y’all, be safe and keep making music!

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