MSXII is back, this time with a new hybrid kit titled “Fuzz & Drums”. This time they’re keeping it gritty, dirty and grungy bringing us some hard hitting drums, gritty guitar licks, accompanied with bass and organ. MSXII is becoming a household name in the sample game as some of the most innovative creators of vintage and authentic sounds. With their consecutive previous releases they have proven that they know how to create top notch sample kits that capture multiple styles of music (check out Soulful Stems 1-2).


This kit contains 19 hard hitting drums sounds (Baby Bonus Sammich Drums) that can basically be used in conjunction with the guitar samples to build pretty dope full compositions. We also have the Bonus Breaks folder which has 4 crunchy, slightly distorted original break beats. A word to MSXII… We need a full kit of these ASAP! Please!


The really dope thing about this kit is the vast amount of combinations that can be built by mixing the guitar loops with drum breaks and the baby sammich kit. Then the sounds can be pushed further by chopping the guitar loops and rearranging them into entirely new beats. The guitar loops here are monstrous. Driven rock guitars that can be used as is or chopped, flipped and sequenced into new melodies. Each guitar loop comes as a stereo loop and a stem version which is basically the loop broken down into the elements of the track: driven guitars, organs and bass.


There are 4 folders:

  • Baby Bonus Sammich Drums
  • Breaks
  • Drums
  • Stems


The Baby Bonus Sammich Drums folder contains 19 drum samples similar to what we’d expect from a full Sammich Drums kit. These are your hard knocking processed layered drums. In total, we get 1 fx sound, 2 hats, 6 kicks, 1 perc sound, 2 vocal samples, 5 snares, 1 sub bass and 1 tom drum for a combined total of 19 sounds. However this is definitely a quality over quantity scenario, so don’t let the numbers fool you!


The Breaks folder contains 4 original breaks and as I stated before I’d REALLY love to see a full kit of these (HINT, HINT). These are bone crushing and are not your average breaks. They feel like they were snatched straight from vinyl, but we of course know they are original drums played by MSXII and tweaked to perfection. The Drums folder 11 drum breaks. Unlike the Breaks folder, these performances are not as crunchy but punch just as hard. These are live drums eq’d to perfection. Chop them and rearrange them and let the magic happen!


Now for the Stems folder, which contains the bass, guitar and organ performance of each of the 11 fuzz tracks that can be found inside the main folder. All these are broken down into solo’d performances so you have the option of using the stereo version of each sample, or using several elements of the fuzz tracks and creating your own version of each sample. This can be dope if you, for example, would like to leave out certain elements while taking advantage of other portions of the sample that you prefer.


Over all this is another solid kit from MSXII. This kit will allow you to get in touch with your Rock side and craft bangers with that edge! I highly recommend this kit if you are looking for rock samples and hard hitting drums! Salute MSXII! Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing what you guys do next! Check out the demo below and head over to the Drum Broker to pick this one up! And as always, be sure to keep up with all the latest sound content reviews right here at


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