International One Shots: These were the Breaks

It’s Daysun Civil and Maschine Masters here to comb through another drumkit. This time we are going to take an international journey to search through some vinyl samples. You might want to stay or book the next flight home. Anyway, we are reviewing International One Shots. Diggers, get your passports ready and board this flight for some serious vinyl samples.


First off, International One Shots comes from the creators of the International Breaks Series. This was lengthy series that gave producers a great amount of breaks pulled from overseas records.  Beat diggers and producers who love the sound of thick and gritty drums samples know this series. So, you can expect the same from their latest project: International One Shots.


Off top, this is a nicely sized kit with a total of 147 sounds. There are 15 Claps, 20 Drum Rolls, 20 FX, 20 Kicks, 20 Snares, 15 Percussion Loops/Hits and 37 kit/chopped kick/snare/tom sounds. The claps are thick and not thin. My favorites are the Reggae Clap and Eyes Clap. The Reggae Clap has a nice chain sound in the tail of the sample. What is a good song without a couple of drumrolls? Two of my favorite drumrolls are the Mandalay Kickroll and the Venez Four. There are a couple of dope sweeps and bleeps to give your tracks the sound effects needed to get that (HTX) movie feel. The Tone Dutch sample is a nice sound effect with the kick drum in the tail of the sample. Kicks like the Ranga Kick, Rior 1 and 2, Thump, Bishhk, and Kick Lo gives you that knock. I mean that 90s flare. These kicks are deep and warm.


A total of 8 kits are broken down into snares, snare rolls, hats, kicks, cymbal crashes and more. That is a total of 37 chops. The percussion loops are pretty decent. You have some bongos, congas, hats and triangles. All goods stuff to add the bells and whistles needed to bring life your beats. The snares are decent. They have that crack and snap that most vinyl purists and beat diggers love. The 60 snare, Birdie, AmpED and Redscha are some snares I would use in my productions. My only qualm is that a few sounds, not many, have noise in them. A novice producer could find this annoying and decide not to use the sounds.


Here is the part you have been waiting for… I think this is a pretty good kit. International One Shots is great for beginner producers who do not have a large library. Also, it’s good for producers who want to layer sounds to make bigger sounds. In addition, if you love 90 boombap, this is a kit for you. More than anything, if you want some dope sounds, you need to head over to the drum broker’s website and get International One Shots for $24.99. Until next time, stay tuned to MaschineMasters for all the latest product reviews!



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