Drum Broker + Divided Soul: 12Bit Soul Vol.4

Greetings Earthlings. A fresh kit just landed on the shelves over at The Drum Broker. The Divided Soul-Twelve Bit Soul Vol.4 just dropped and I’m going to be reviewing what it has got to offer.


Divided Soul has been known and recognized for their outstanding kits, and I have had the pleasure of using their previous releases. Twelve Bit Soul is really becoming a huge movement. Producers, composers and arrangers copping the T-Shirts and stickers in support of the movement and, above all, getting busy with their drums to achieve that true analogue sound in todays digital realm. Even before auditioning any of the sounds in this joint, I knew that this kit was gonna be dope, for sure, judging Divided Soul purely on their previous releases in the series. The drums carried some serious weight and I personally found, and still find myself selecting these drum sounds frequently.


So, what do we get with this latest addition to the series you ask? Inside their latest kit are three main folders:

  • Kicks
  • Snares
  • Hats
  • And, a bonus folder entitled Exotic sounds


The kicks, as always, are bang on point.  These kicks have been meticulously layered and are fuller than ever, punching hard and giving that true representation of analogue grit we all love. There’s also a lot of dope stuff going on in here. For one, the stacked kicks have been carefully crafted and sound mean as hell, and are ready to get to work for you immediately. There are 53 to be precise. Trust me there’s plenty of banging kicks in this kit with enough variety to keep the user satisfied for the foreseeable future.


Then there are the snares. Honestly, the snares here are some of the best snares I have come across to date. They slap harder than an enraged Sumo wrestler. I was really impressed with these snares, and I can’t wait to get to work with them as these are the kind of snares I personally love to get busy with. There are 63 to choose from. Describing them as gritty would be an understatement. These are already stacked up higher than the Sears tower and ready to cut through the mix sharper than a Katana blade.




There are also some exellent hi-hats available, and the folder is loaded with a bunch of crisp ones. These are some nice closed hats with subtle crashes. The hats impressed me largely as they are of the same quality as the rest of this sweet sounding kit. There are twenty hi-hat sounds to pick from, and the hi-hats are all perfectly processed and ready to add some nice movement to your work.


What is more, there is a bonus folder labeled Exotic Sounds that is really sweet, and contains 10 exclusive sounds. These samples are highly original, and above all, highly useable, and I see these sounds getting rinsed as they are hot!


Overall, this kit is bang on the money. I honestly believe this is the pick of the bunch from the series so far, making it another heavyweight kit from Divided Soul. Enriched with warmth and weight, if you liked the previous kits then you are gonna be more than happy if you purchase this one. This kit is fire and I suggest you check it out immediately!


The Twelve Bit Soul-Vol. 4 kit is available now over at The Drum Broker and it’s priced at a mere $14.99. As this is definitely one of the best kits that I have heard to date, go and cop this joint– you won’t be disappointed!


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