Cardiak Presents – The Infirmary Drum Kit Vol.2

What’s good Maschine Masters, it’s your guy D-ski back again with another review; Cardiak Infirmary kit Vol 2! What can be said about Cardiak that hasn’t already been said? He’s one of modern times most prolific producers, churning out a slew of chart toppers in the time it usually takes most producers to get their feet wet. He’s produced hits for some of the biggest rappers in the game, with his most recent work being featured on Dr.Dre’s Compton soundtrack. What a dope accomplishment!


That being said, when he drops a kit you expect greatness! You expect the quality that you get from his music. In my humble opinion, The Infirmary kit Vol 2 does not deliver that quality the way past Cardiak kits have. Now wait…Hold up… put your guns down! The kit is far from wack, but there are, however, several issues with it that keep it from stacking up to past kits, in my opinion.


First of all, I am of the mind set that if you can produce kick and snare drums that bang at the correct volume, it’s a feat not to be ignored. The kicks and snares found here are surprisingly quite (mostly) and many of the kicks have a slight pop at the end that will need to be trimmed and truncated. Similarly, none of the snares really stand out and several of them also have a slight pop at the end that needs to be trimmed. There are three 808’s included, and they sound great. There are also 8 hi-hats included, but they are all eerily similar to what has been in previous kits. The hi hats don’t stand out in any way, but are very clean and certainly usable. The best part of this kit may in fact be the loops. While they are few in number they do stand out more than other parts of this kit. Pretty decent slaps!


Now, this is the first time I’ve actually heard a Cardiak kit I wasn’t fully pleased with. The thing about kits like these is they are not terrible kits and with some work and tweaking the sounds are pretty usable. However, In my opinion as a product reviewer, none of the previous kits Cardiak has released have needed such tweaking or polish. Now I’m in no way saying this kit doesn’t have potential. I am instead saying the sounds are in the rough. I think it would have been dope if Cardi had have waited until the sounds were fully polished to present them as a full kit. However due to the price difference between this and the first Infirmary kit that “in the rough” feel can be over looked if you’re up for a little tweaking (see conclusion). Cardiak is as hard working as any who have been wildly successful, its quite possible he was giving us a “hold over” kit to try and keep us tight until his next masterpiece. If that’s the case, calling it Cardiak Infirmary kit Vol 2 might have created to high of a expectation due to the quality of Infrimary Vol.1.


In conclusion if you’re up for doing some tweaking on these drums to get them to sound their best this would still be a decent kit to grab. If, however, you want a kit like “Cardiak Presents All Slaughter The Drum Kit” or “Cardiak Presents The Clinic vol 1-2” or even the infamously ill “Cardiak Presents The Flatline Kit Vol 1-2”, then I suggest heading over to Cardis Site or The Drum Broker (search Cardiak) and cop his other kits. I’m not giving up on Cardi at all tho, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he drops next!


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