It’s another month, and another review of the latest edition from the ‘Breaks For Day’s’ team. Although August is close to ending, we still feel that it’s our duty to provide a review on the August edition from BFD. From my last review on BFD, they were heading in the right direction making good progress and the last pack was probably my favourite. Be sure to check out the following reviews on BFD products, April, May, June and July. I thought the drum shuffles / patterns, were improving and more to my taste. Fingers crossed they keep up this good progress. Lets jump in.


As always, we get 1 break for every day in the month. So that’s 31 breaks for the August. These have all been recorded and processed through an analogue tape. We get 1 folder containing all 31 breaks and to be honest there’s no real need to organise this pack any further.  It’s clean and simple. This month delivers a ‘Lucky 7’, but ill come back to this in more detail later.


The Content

BFD have been consistent in delivering clean, high quality audio and they continue to do so. I’m finding it hard to distinguish what style of drumming best describes this. The best way I can describe this is Rock, with a hint of Jazz. All the breaks are ~ 80 bpm.


The kit selected is different from what I reviewed back in July. The drum kit gives a stiffer sound, with very little reverb. The kick, snare, cymbals, etc, all work well with each other and the drummer is clearly talented and putting in the work. If I could take a guess, I would say that it’s the same drummer that recorded the July edition. The kick definitely has more energy and presence this month. A much preferred kick, so its thumbs up there.


I definitely like some of the raw loops more than others. Here are a few of the favourites August 15, August 23 & August Lucky 7. Lucky 7 includes a sub that gives it a nice undertone to the break. BEEFING it up nicely. Chopping and adding effects really brings the drums to life. You can add a lot of groove and create some really nice drum patterns and sounds. We all like to add our own touch to things, so this really allows us to be very creative and turn the raw loop into something special.


The Summary

If you’re looking for a drag and drop drum loop, I would recommend other drum packs out there that actually set out to do this. The initial raw drum breaks were ok, but as expressed, the drums really come to life when you add your own touch.


All in all this pack brings out the creative side in us, which is dope. The final results can amazing and the possibilities are endless, but you have to be willing to do work. You can grab the August edition from BFD at DrumBroker for $9.99. As always this is a very respectful price, with everything we are getting. You can manipulate these drums in so many different ways. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith, and be sure to stay tuned to MaschineMasters for reviews on all the latest sound libraries and drum kits.


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