All of us here at Machine Masters got excited today when we found out that super-producer Illmind dropped a new kit over at Blapkits.com. !llmind has dropped some absolute gems in the past and his The Blap Kits have become a household name throughout the community. So, naturally, when !llmind Special Edition: Blap Kit All Chords Everything hit the shelves, us product-reviewers here at Maschine Masters got really hyped! We decided that, for the first time at MM, a couple of us would collaborate on the review to showcase the different perspectives on such an important piece. Dope, huh? Let us know if you like the approach! Lets take a dive into our thoughts after exploring this new Illmind sample pack.


This kit comes loaded up with 20 hand-crafted chord progressions. Illmind really worked his magic with the classic synthesizers, Korg Poly, B3 organ, Mini Korg, SX3000 and a super rare Jen SX1000. These progressions all come set at 130 BPM as a base standard and can be altered at your discretion. The Midi files for all the progression have also been included. It is also worth noting here that Illmind added no compression or saturation to these sounds to avoid that ‘squashed pancake’ dynamic. Also, all of the included sounds in the kit are royalty free! Ok let me hand this one over to my main man Illeagle. Over and out PTSD….


Illeagle here! Like the homie PTSD said we are all super hyped about ANY !llmind release. The 20 chord progressions come in stereo format.  All chords are played back to back, on single tracks, instead of being separated into separate chord notes. So, some chopping will be necessary.  The vibe of the synths sounds included cover a nice range from epic to gritty (check out PROG 12 (AB NATURAL MINOR) 130 BPM JEN SX1000). All of the progressions are highly usable, and nothing here is throwaway. Now for the dopest part of this kit. The MIDI files! each file included is !llminds original performance of each chord progression in midi format. Just load it up in your favorite DAW (Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, Studio One, etc.,) pick a synth that fits your liking and hit play. Magical! I personally would love to see more sample kits include this option!


This is a VERY dope and interesting kit. Simply because of these two options you have a mass amount of things that can be done when reworking or tweaking these samples or Midi files. These sounds would compliment any of !llmind’s previous drum or bass kits. It is something I recommend for any one looking to use vintage sounding synth chords that will add depth to any production. The fact that !llmind uses vintage synths to create these samples is an added bonus that gives them an authenticity we think we will very much enjoy. So if you desire vintage synth chords that range from lush and creamy to epic and gritty head over to BlapKits.com and cop these ASAP! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


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