Cardiak Presents: Cold Air The Sample Pack

Greetings Maschine Masters Compadre’s! What’s good? I hope everybody here has had a great summer and you’ve all had the chance to break away from the studio to get outside and enjoy some sunshine! But since we are all beat junkies, now that the Cold Air The Sample Pack has been released over at The Drum BrokerI came in from the sun to dive in ears-first and check out what this new Cardiak release has to offer!


So, to keep y’all in the loop, super producer Cardiak has been a very, very busy man in recent times. Not only has he been working in cohesion with the one and only, legendary producer Dr.Dre, carving out beats and helping out with his latest masterpiece Compton, he has also found time to construct some new banging kits for us all to get busy with, particularly once the cooler weather kicks in and we find ourselves back in the studio more often.


The title says it all really– atmospheric samples are what are included in this kit. This pack comes loaded with 18 complete mp3’s and all of these compositions come stemmed out in a separate folder. If you fancy yourself using a single element from one of the complete compositions, Cardiak has got you covered! There are over 70 audio files included, all labeled with the accompanying BPM’s.


I will be completely straight with you guys. These samples are geared towards the darker side of Hip-Hop. They sound marvelous, deep, dark, and really atmospheric. When auditioning them, I heard some killer chords straight away. Some of the bass tones in this kit are very deep and raw. About five or six of the full mp3 compositions in this kit I seriously enjoyed as well. I will definitely be using this kit in the near future. A good helping of eerie, moody, pianos with some breathtakingly emotional pads and ambiences are also present here. I must add that these are some really nice textures. I thoroughly enjoyed the darkness (or should I say coldness?) of the samples included in the kit! A lot of totally useable sounds that would find a good home in some of your deeper-and-darker production work. This kit is not for the faint-hearted out there. If you’re looking for those soulful samples, this kit is not the right purchase for you. On the flip side, if you are looking to get busy with some dark samples, you will, without a shadow of a doubt, love this joint.


Cardiak definitely did not let anyone down with this addition to his already-impressive range of kits and sample packs. Grab a single element from the stem folder or use the whole composition, add your drums, chop, screw and manipulate to your liking and get your hands dirty with this dope sample pack.


Here is a list of the samples that really caught my attention when auditioning, in no particular order:

  • Bells
  • Cousins
  • Sad nights
  • Storms
  • The Carter VII

Overall, Cold Air The Sample Pack is a dope kit, well worth a peep and worth parting with your hard earned cash. This kit is priced at $24.99 and is available now for download-after-purchase at The Drum Broker. You know what to do!


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