BULLYFINGER – A.C.T. (Analog Clap Toolkit)

What’s up world! Today I’m dropping in to share my thoughts and feelings on a new kit from the epic tag team of Bullyfinger and The Drum Broker: A.C.T. (Analog Clap Toolkit) is the ultimate collection of clap sounds, sampled from seven different rhythm boxes and processed through an expensive preamp. With each Rhythm box possessing a unique sound, A.C.T. aims to give the buyer the best building blocks available to build the ultimate clap sample. So let’s get those samplers fired-up and see what kind of magic awaits within this one!



The Analog Clap Trap was created in the late 70’s, enabling hand clap sounds to be brought to disco bands doing live performances. With only a few parameters and a distinct sound, this desktop synth was one of the most sought out machines of it’s time. Inside of A.C.T. you will find a total of 246 samples sourced from the Clap Trap. This includes a folder of complete ready-to-use claps, as well as, a folder of pieces (smaller samples), which can be combined to make a custom clap.



The Clap-Cussion hails in from the company Touched By Sound. Entering the scene in early 2000, the Clap-Cussion was designed to bring crisp individual percussion to the Rack mount world. Styled after the original 808 clap from Roland, the Clap-Cussion offers a crisp human-sounding clap, with a touch of dark-sounding reverb that really cuts through any mix. With a total of 176 samples from this bad boy, I would have to say this is my personal favorite out of the entire kit.



This extremely rare Fx pedal was produced by LELL in the year of 1987, offering a simple, single drum pad equipped with three tweak-able parameters (tone, freq, curve), powered by nothing more than a 9 volt battery. This unit was designed for a drummer to have easy access to a clean responsive electronic drum pad, loaded with a clean clap sample. Due to its lack of tweak-ability, A.C.T. only comes ready with 21 clap samples from the Clapper, but they are some of the cleaner samples available in the kit.



The Hand Clapper 2 came to fame in the year 1984, designed to be used alone or paired with drum machines that don’t offer their own clap sounds (Roland TR-606, etc.). Similar in design to the previously mentioned Clapper, the HC2 is a single function synth with three tweak-able parameters, based around a similar circuit used for the clap on Roland’s infamous 808. With a total of 62 samples from this unit, I believe these bad boys would be perfect for any modern day trap production.



The Clap, is a unique piece of a drum synth set, known as one of the first machines that truly  epitomized that super-cheesy clap sound that ran wild in the 80’s. In my opinion, “The clap” folder inside A.C.T. offers some of the most unique claps available in the kit; imagine super dusty karate kick sound fx from an Atari game. Stocked with 79 total “The Clap” samples in this kit could really work their way into a bunch of different genres; I think they would fit best if layered with a clean acoustic sample and dropped into a modern day boom bap beat.



The Thunderclap is a modern day analog hand clap effect, modeled after the hand clap circuit in the Roland 808 and 909 drum machines. The Thunderclap comes with 4 tweak-able parameters,giving the user a wide variety of customizable sound.  With 36 total Thunderclap samples included in A.C.T., Bullyfinger has made sure there is a nice variety of hard-hitting snares, in addition to, some softer cymbal-like samples: a perfect combo for sure.



The Tempest is the newest of the Machine’s used in A.C.T. It is the brain child of pioneers Roger Linn (MPC60) and Dave Smith (prophet 5). The Tempest is a fully analog Drum maschine packed-to-the-brim with modern day tech to provide an unmatched work flow and ability. The samples that are produced from this machine are certainly the most modern-sounding in A.C.T.,  and posses a clean feel that slices right through the speakers. With only 21 samples total from the Tempest, this folder definitely left me hungry for more; maybe Bullyfinger will bless us with a tempest kit in the future.


All in all, I’ve got to say this truly is the ultimate tool kit when it comes to claps. With all the pieces needed to assemble a killer clap, as well as, an array of unique reverb samples, Analog Clap Toolkit is a must-have for all producers. And to top it all off, it’s an absolute steal when it comes to the price ($24.99). So make sure you head over to The Drum Broker today and grab a copy of the Analog Clap Tool Kit. This is one kit I can see my self going back to time and time again! Until next time y’all, keep making music and be safe.


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