Mind Power Composition (MPC Series) – Greater Good

In this series Ringz Ov Saturn set off in 2014 on his quest with his trusty little DSLR camera, to gather a collective of footage from a variety of UK based producers, to bring together an on going series which is now known as MPC (Mind Power Composition).

The soul purpose of MPC is to expose/showcase the fine art of UK based hip hop production from a mixture of generations. Throughout the series you’ll get an in depth look into a mixture of hardware and software based producers, their production techniques, thoughts, musical backgrounds, different hip hop musical styles & flavors, crafting techniques and the use of old school to more modern day musical equipment. The series will feature some of the UK’s finest and well known producers, as well as the equally talented up and coming producers.

Featured Producer-Greater Good (Less Effort Clothing)

Weapons of choice
Akai MPD & Ableton

Greater Good does things different. Instrumental experiments, live performances and the most obscure sampling lead to abstract and unique beats. Greater Good creates music for himself, making no boundaries or rules to work to. His love for synths, sampling and anything to do with space, shine through in his productions.

Starting out during his early teens, GG messed with a demo of Dance Ejay and was instantly hooked. From there he progressed to Fruity Loops, then on to Reason, and finally settling on Ableton due to its powerful ability to handle and manipulate samples, processing, performance and workflow.

After releasing a couple of instrumental albums, GG teamed up with Triple Darkness artist Ray Vendetta and together they created the ‘Effortless EP’. The EP was very well recieved and brought together a variety of different artists. With a new beat tape about to be released and the day to day runnings of Less Effort Clothing that he is co-founder of, the future is busy for Greater Good.

Filmed & Directed by Ringz Ov Saturn.
Visual graphics and animation by Ringz Ov Saturn & TCG.
Photography by Ringz Ov Saturn.
MPC Main Theme produced by GI Vocals by TK.
Creative Wingmen: TCG & Solar Black/Phoenix Da Icefire.

All episodes edited by Ringz Ov Saturn & TCG.
Supported by Less Effort Clothing & Maschine Masters
In association with Wordplay Magazine.

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