Marco Polo Pad Thai Kit Vol.2

How y’all doing out there? Anyone hungry? I hope so, because I’m about serve you up a delicious dish! Up for my review today is the greatly anticipated Marco Polo Pad Thai Vol.2This kit has made its way over to The Drum Broker and he is now stocking his shelves with some more fine takeaway Thai cuisine for your consumption.


Dope producer, Marco Polo, is back again with his 2nd installment in the Pad Thai series. If you copped the first kit, I’m sure you’re fully aware that his kits are classy! This one is no different to his last, packed to the brim with awesome ingredients, and ready to satisfy the hunger of any given sampler of choice that accepts the WAV. file format.


Inside this diverse kit you will find:

  • Bass Tones
  • Bassline Stems
  • Bonus Breakbeats (Cratery selections)
  • Claps
  • Condiments & Sprinkles
  • Cymbals
  • Hi Hats
  • Marco Polo Drum Loops
  • Percussion
  • Snares


This kit has been very well put together by Marco Polo and his crew, the folders inside have been cleverly named, standing out amongst the crowd. The sound of this kit is dope.I checked out the kicks first. There are 33 and offer lots of unique analogue options with a nice variety across the sonic spectrum. There are some deep dusty thudding kicks and some nice gritty punchy ones to follow suit. Overall, the kicks are really organic and I really liked the feel to them.


The snares are top notch, really well processed, dying to be stacked and should fit straight in the mix. There are some awesome interesting percussion textures in the respective folder. Gongs, orchestral drums, shakers, fills and some really cool tambourine loops caught my attention. The hats are crisp and sharp, and are of high quality, including open and closed variations, processed and dry one shots.


The claps are tight and interesting, really standing out to some of the other kits available that I’ve come across. The cymbals here are also really nice and sound very slick.The bass folder was probably my favorite folder as these bass notes are absolutely quality, and there is enough high quality here (Analogue & Digital) to keep you sweet for a while!


This kit is really classy without a shadow of a doubt. All 195 sounds in here are highly usable, have been perfectly crafted. It’s clear Marco Polo and his team have put heart and soul into getting this kit sounding tight. Make no mistake about it-this is by far one of the best kits I have had the pleasure of reviewing to date.


Marco Polo has included some really rare ass breaks and loops, sublime bass tones stacked drums and percussion, and some classy effects to season this dish. These drums are dusty, raw, gritty and organic. The samples in this kit can be heard in Marco Polo’s masterpieces (far too many to mention). If you want to grab yourself some tough Boom-Bap drums, grab this kit with both hands, trust me. This is a heavyweight kit. You can pick this one up over at The Broker for $29.99 and as always, it is ready to download immediately after checkout.


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