Every once in a while something happens in music production and sound design that revolutionizes the way we approach song /beat creation. Prior to sample companies like Kingsway music and many others, producers had to spend countless dollars getting samples cleared so that a song didn’t have to be shelved (due to un-cleared sample usage) or so that they or artists using the beat would not face lawsuits. Even if a sample is cleared a record company can require full publishing be retained by them so you never receive royalties for the song YOU used their sample to produce. Suck doesn’t it? Well one solution is to use original pieces of music created for sampling chopping, flipping and looping. Kingsway Music libraries not ONLY provide original music, they provide the genres most sample based producers covet.

They also offer us the same vintage sound and feel that is captured in many of the frequently used samples from our favorite dusty vinyl collection. Similar recording techniques and vintage gear was used to create these samples as were used in the creation of some of our favorite albums. But enough about the technical aspects of how these samples were made, let’s look at several of these samples in detail and break down what makes them so dope!

First, this volume brings many similar elements back, yet things are done in a completely refreshing way. I’m gonna take you through my top 5 samples. Keep in mind however, as always I love ALL these samples!


  • Rubbertracks features psychedelic flutes, pulsing living bass, reverse sound effects, verby tweaked out xylophones, and a beautifully distorted Fender Rhodes.
  • Rex50 no bass feels very immersive, almost as if it’s being played under water. Spacy synths combined with synths and delays that bounce back and forward in the stereo range. This has a beautiful cryptic feel to it that I really dig!
  • Rundgren raps good/Rundgren raps good no drums are perfect samples. Both can be used in different aspects, as one has drums and the other doesn’t. And wow, the ‘with drums’ version is awesome! This sounds like something I’d find digging in Artform Studio downtown LA (my favorite record shop) in the gems crate. The vintage crunchy drums, warm bass, vintage pianos, subtle soulful synths and xylophones on this joint are amazing! We have the benefit of getting two versions. Use this one to create the hit with “that feel”.
  • Rodez bounce is a syrupy synthesized sample polished off with smooth sexy Fender Rhodes. Bouncy synth fx dance in the background to give it a dreamy R&B feel.
  • Dipset3 v2 has a spacey vibe and sounds like it would fit perfectly on earlier work by Kendrick Lamar. It has a similar beautiful dark vibe as swimming pools did. Haunting triangles jingle in the background as wobbling synths paint an eerie soundscape. This is the type of sample that could be used in a story telling track or a dark dramatic one.


I NEVER have any complaints about Kingsway Music sample libraries, I would however have loved to seen an alternate version of two of my favorite samples “TERCO” and “rhoes ref64” without the drums. That’s it! Besides that minor wish, this kit is JUST as insanely ill and genius as the previous 5 Volumes.  This 6th installation of Kingsway Music Library is a welcome addition to the Kingsway series and a must have if you enjoyed previous editions! Check it out over at TheDrumbroker and stay tuned to MaschineMasters for all the latest reviews on the freshest sounds.


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