Erik Jackson: Sunday Breaks Vol. III

Drum Brokers A-list sound designer and drum architect, Erik Jackson has released the 3rd edition of his Sunday Breaks series. We have had the privilege to review Sunday Breaks Vol. I and Sunday Breaks Vol. II. Be sure to check out the reviews. I’m a fan of the Erik Jackson series and the kits he delivers, so I’m looking forward to carving this one open.


Sunday Breaks Vol. III is the final installment of Erik Jackson’s Sunday Breaks series. I like the series and I’m hoping that Erik will end it with a bang.The Sunday Break series is a widely popular break library. It consists of original break kits and the kit selected for Vol. III has a lot more bang than its predecessors. Erik Jackson has decided to go with something that will deliver a bit more soul, and my ears are loving the quality. These drums really sound great.


So what do we get? Well, we get 52 live drum breaks and 13 fills. The breaks were recorded in almost the same way as Vol. III’s predecessors. All at 90bpm and with plenty of soul. The breaks were recorded through an Audix DP7 drum microphone pack with a DW subwoofer extension added to the kick drum to add more thump, and it definitely does. But they don’t stop there. Another microphone was used for the kick drum, running into a Manley Dual Mono Pre. All of these studio tactics provide for some definitive low end improvements to the kick drum!


In addition the the bass thumping studio mojo I mentioned above, all of the drum kits 9 mics were individually run into (get this) 9 separate Avalon VT737sp Tube Pre Amps!. Yes, NINE! I would LOVE to see this room and all of its outboard gear! All of this signal was routed through an SSL AWS9000 and was fed to the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor, and finally out from there and recorded to a Studer A800 Tape Machine. Whew! Impressive!


So, from a sound quality point of view, everything’s great. The kick has plenty of thump, the snares snappy, the hi-hats are light and elegant. The kit really works well together and delivers that soul feel. We get 52 different drum patterns, loops etc. The drums are hard and have plenty of low end. That extra mic clearly worked.


The breaks have a Hip-Hop feel to them, but they can easy be integrated into any genre by chopping them up. I had great fun chopping these up making various different loops, patterns. There is a wide range of sounds that can be sliced from Sunday Breaks Vol. III. Erik Jackson also packs 13 drum fills. Here you will find various crashes, drum rolls, toms etc. They all sound great and will have there place in a track, but the best use of these would come from chopping. You can then arrange to your taste. This can really add groove to your track.


The drum kit selected for the final edition of Sunday breaks is great and the addition of the kick drum mic really delivers more low end, as that kick drum really thumps. If you like your breaks and yours drums hard, I would recommend this kit to you. You get 52 great sounded drum breaks and to 13 fill to top it all off.


Be sure to grab your copy of Sunday Breaks Vol. III from Drum Broker for a very reasonable price of £24.99. Erik Jackson definitely took the Sunday Breaks series out with a Bang! Until next time, you can catch me at @UKAntSmith, and be sure to stay tuned to MaschineMasters for reviews on all the latest sound libraries and drum kits.


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