BullyFinger – RumbleFawk Bass

How are we all doing my Maschine Masters compadres? I hope everyone here is keeping well and above all are keeping their music strong. So, you guys are checking this article out to find out what’s fresh on the shelves over at The Drum Broker right? Well, up for evaluation today is a naughty little bass kit that goes by the name of… wait for it…. Rumblefawk Synth Bass!


Bass, bass, bass and some more heavy bass is what I’m gonna be checking out today, and I must say bass is my good friend. I copped this kit earlier and added it to the Maschine browser. I fired up Maschine and went about auditioning the samples, firstly through my monitors and then through a pair of low frequency response studio headphones. The samples come in 24/96kHz for those interested in the highest quality and are offered up in Maschine, Kontakt and SoundFont formats for convenience and versatility. BullyFinger even provided 16-bit format .WAV for the MPC heads so you guys have no need to down convert!  The kit comes fully loaded weighing in at a hefty 800MB download with over 1.1GB of content once uncompressed.


Inside, I counted 68 bass tones. Why did they include so many file formats you ask? BONUS!!! Also, to my delight, accompanying the kits are retrospective sampler patches and pre mapped kits for Kontakt, Soundfont, Maschine and MPC users. Good stuff, and we’re off to a great start! This kit is a turbo charged bass extravaganza! Bass-heads are gonna dig this kit, 100%. These bass tones are naughty and pack enough punch to rattle the bones of your ancestors. I see now why it’s aptly named RumbleFawk! I found a nice selection of Saw, Sine, Reese, Square and Sub bass tones. These bass sounds are downright nasty. Filthy bass merchants are going to want to snap this one up and get to work using it pronto. Low frequency lovers are going to be digging this kit for sure, and to be fair it packs one hell of a punch. It rumbles baby. Fat, loud in-your-face, crunchy booming, bass awaits!


Bullyfinger and his crew did a marvelous job manufacturing this kit. They went and got their hands dirty with some classic hardware synthesizers such as:

  • Limited Edition Moog Taurus III
  • Moog Sub Phatty (Stage edition)
  • Dave Smith’s Tempest Drum Machine and Synthesizer


Also for some cool retro 8-bit chiptune bass tones, they grabbed the original Nintendo (NES) along with a Nintendo Gameboy Advanced and a Buranelectrix Dredrum.


They utilized and processed these samples using some classic outboard gear such as:

  • Api 512c Preamp
  • Neve  542 Tape emulator
  • Little Labs VOG
  • Dave Smith’s Instruments Dsm02 Character Module


I was really impressed with this kit. It was really easy to get to grips with. The samples have been left with a long sample time for your editing pleasure. Cut them up, size them as you wish and use in conjunction with the 16-velocity setting in Maschine or MPC hardware or any other software sampler for that matter. Kontakt and Soundfont users will be very happy to know that all 68 tones have been pitched and mapped across 4 octaves from CO-B3 with a root being C1. These badboy’s are ready to go in which ever format you use and are familiar with. There are lots of great bass sounds in here to keep you good for a while for sure! These samples have been perfectly put together and processed, and are ready to get to work for you in your production work immediately. RumbleFawk is a dope diverse original kit and is very reasonably priced at $24.99 it is available now over at The Drum Broker. If you are in need of some high quality bass sounds I suggest you head over to The Drum Broker and grab this kit, do it now!


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