Its that time of month again, NO, not the start of a long week where your girlfriend is constantly on your back because she’s feeling sensitive. It’s break time. The July edition from Break for Days has arrived. I really hope that the content has improved from the previous reviews I have carried out. I have not been WOWed! I appreciate the talent and the hustle, but the market is flooded with breaks and it’s really hard to stand out. Fingers crossed the July edition is a cut above the rest.


Keeping with tradition, all the breaks have been recorded and processed through an analog tape. Another tradition that is maintained is that the total number of breaks equals the total number of days in July. That’s right, we get 31 breaks that are all labeled from June 1 – June 31. This kit is available in 16bit .WAV format.


The Breaks

So we get 1 break for each and everyday in July. That sounds great, but how do they sound?! First of all, like all the other kits, the sound quality is on point, very clean and clear. I’m not sure if the same drum kit has been selected, but it’s a good selection. The Kick Drum nicely weighted, the Snare is crunchy, and the Hi-Hats are sharp and have kind of a Tin sound. The Cymbals are piercing and they forever make an appearance in these breaks.


There are a wide variety of breaks. The many combinations include shuffles, rolls, loops and even a few drums build up. You can have a lot of fun just chopping these up and playing around with the arrangement. You can chop using the transients, or if you prefer you can manual chop them up to your taste. Whichever method you use, it’s a simple process.


I have to admit, this is probably my favorite BFD kit since they started the series. This is very positive news and in my opinion they are heading in the right direction. Some of my favorites are July 11, 15, 20, 23 and 25.




BFD are definitely improving and the drummer is picking up the pace. This is my favorite BFD kit since they started the series and I hope they keep improving. BFD have always delivered high quality audio files at really cheap prices. It’s much cheaper than digging, as that can get out of hand rather quickly. Essentially you get a lot of BANG for your BUCK!!


You can purchase the July edition from DrumBroker for the standard price of $9.99. If you’re a drum collector, I would recommend this series of breaks. The drummer is clearly well trained and you get a whole load of breaks for essentially peanuts. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith, and be sure to stay tuned to MaschineMasters for reviews on all the latest sound libraries and drum kits.


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