Loopmasters Presents: SloFi Session SP32 by RawCutz

Today I’m bringing you my thoughts and feelings on a smoking hot kit from the killer combo of Loopmasters and Raw Cutz. Slo-Fi Sessions is the newest (32nd) installment in the SP series, a series known for captivating the much sought after, “golden era” sound. With a mixture of pads, fx , melodies and drums (474 samples total), this kit comes in a couple different formats including Ableton and Maschine as well as your traditional WAV format. Today I will be checking out the Maschine Format of Slo-Fi Sessions. which is broken down into 30 groups, 16 samples a group.



Slo-Fi Sessions comes loaded with 10 projects. All of which have the fully mixed demo patterns, giving the buyer some insight on how these samples were assembled to make beats, while using Maschine. Each project is broken down into the three parts, the drums, the music (chords, melodies and bass) and then the supporting music (tape fx, sound fx, and standout one shots). Each one of these groups/sounds come pre loaded with stock maschine fx to give them an extra dusty texture that doesn’t require much tweaking. Just load em’ up and start banging the pads!



As always, I like to get my projects started with a hard hitting, heavy swinging, drum pattern. Lets just say this mission is an easy one when playing around with Slo-Fi Sessions. Each sample within a group compliments the others in such a way that when your finger drumming, you feel as if you have a perfectly chopped break beat that is yours for the flipping. You can literally take just ONE of the drum groups and spend days forming your own patterns and loops that can be chopped later down the road, or brought into productions right away. A majority of these drum samples have a lite touch of tape saturation giving them an analog feel that will have you swearing your maschine is an mpc60 stuck in a maschine’s body. Since the Demo patterns are included, Slo-Fi sessions is also really great for maschine newbies, cause they get to see how these drums can be layed out and how that classic swing is achieved.



After getting lost in time for hour’s playing with the drums, I decided to lay down a little rhythmic bliss and check out what this bad boy had to offer on the musical side. When it comes to the Music Slo-fi Sessions is like a jazz filled roller coaster ride that leaves you smiling from ear to ear wanting more. With all kinds of sax filled and heavy flute pads, the selection offered in this kit makes it so easy compose quality music that you almost feel like your cheating. One quality that I like the most, is that Raw cutz does not give you these long loops that just get constantly repeated and played out quickly. Instead, you’re presented with a sample that is no longer then 6 seconds, making the user switch it up and learn to use the short sample time to make whole beats. In my opinion mastering a kit like this will make you a much better producer in the long run, and yield much better results in your work flow.



Once I got a catchy progression down to support my drums it was time to bring it all together using the supporting music kits in Slo-Fi Sessions. Where the music groups in this kit gave you nice pads to setup your progression, these groups hook you up with some nice riffs and one shots to fill in the gaps and break the repetitiveness in your tracks. Included are some really dope vocal and tape fx that really make your track pop with a vintage atmosphere. Overall I would say that all though these sounds are not the main attraction, they do offer the glue that is needed to make a track “whole” that could find their way into any existing project.



I would say that Raw Cutz and Loopmasters have successively dropped another un matched kit. With super jazzy vibes and euphoric textures all over, Slo-Fi sessions is a easy way to find inspiration, in a very short time, and will definitely become a “go to” resource for anyone that buys it, but as we all know though inspiration isn’t always free! Coming in at the price of $38.71, this isn’t the cheapest kit I have ever weighed in on. But don’t get me wrong, its certainly not over priced, the samples are just that Good! With the type of vibes that are presented in this kit I could see this being mainly for Down tempo, trip-hop, hip-hop heads, but it really good see its way into a lot of different genres. So make sure you head over to loopmasters.com today to check out the demos for Slo-Fi sessions and if you like what you hear, take my word and BUY IT. Well until next time world, be safe and keep making them hits!

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