LoopMasters presents: Raw Cutz – Turf Smoke SP31

Greetings to all my producers and Maschine Masters com-padres! It’s Daysun Civil and I have another drum kit review. This time we are reviewing a product from our good friends over at Raw Cuts by way of Loopmasters. If you know anything about Raw Cuts and Loopmasters, you know they have historically branded themselves as serious creators who deliver vintage drum and vinyl samples. Their kits typically have the Boom Bap or EDM sound.  So you can expect a lot of sample chops, filtered samples with effects, crispy drums and sounds that seem like they come right out of Dilla’s, Pete Rock’s, Diamond D’s, Large Professor’s, and DJ Premiere’s vaults. Anyway, Raw Cuts’ latest kit is entitled: Turf Smoke. Well drum aficionados, it’s time we tickle your sensory pallet.


Upon opening Turf Smoke, you will immediately find 7 folders of sounds. This folder has Apple loops, Rex Files, Wave files, the Turf Smoke Demo, Sample Patches, Maschine 2.2.3 files and a one shots folder. For this review, I uploaded the Maschine 2.2.3 folder to my Native Instruments Maschine. I normally don’t do this but I was willing to take a chance. Especially after realizing that Raw Cuts was behind the massive hit Maschine Expansion “Prospect Haze”.  30 groups or kits are in the Maschine 2.2.3 file. There is a total of 904 samples in the Maschine 2.2.3 expansion.


Turf Smoke is impeccable. How do I say that? Well, you can hear the effects and dynamics used to create special harmonics and textures on each samples. The drums are classic Boom Bap samples. They are laid out on the pads really well. Turf Smoke provides the soundscapes that sample based producers seek when digging. To say it another way… they’ve managed to create that classic feel that beat junkies crave when they dig in the crates. There is so much more you can do with Turf Smoke.


Understand this… I’m a producer who loves that gritty vinyl sounds. It’s a staple in most of my productions. I love the melodic textures, tones and timbre associated with sampling classic songs. Turf Smoke displays great sonics with each sample. This number of samples provides a multitude of inspiration for creating classic songs. I like that Turf Smoke samples have a lot of vibrato, sustains, reverbs and different panning effects that wet your auditory pallet. Raw Cuts and Loopmasters definitely provided a classic feel that is normally associated with great sample chopping.


If you want that classic 90 Boom Bap or the chill-out lounge or the experimental “Hip Hop” sound, then this is the kit for you. Raw Cuts and Loopmasters did not disappoint. There is a classic quality in Turf Smoke that is missing from today’s productions. If you want a lot of chops and some inspiration then Turf Smoke will satisfy any beat makers or producer. Props to Raw Cuts. So head over to Loopmasters and check out Turf Smoke.


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