V.Don Presents “Lost Gems”

Maschine Masters, long time no hear from. I know I have been gone for some time but I am back. While gone, I stumbled upon some rare jewels. Really, I have found a gem. In fact, the name of this jewel is called ““Lost Gems”” by the producer “V.Don”. Now, “V.Dons” name has become synonymous with banging drums, samples and arrangements that keep your head nodding. His infectious hip-hop sound has caused him to work with artists such as 2Chains, Pusha T, Willie Da Kid, Smoke DZA, AR-Ab, A$AP Rocky and countless others. His latest sample compilation is based off his instrumental mixtape entitled “Lost Gems”. Without further ado, let’s inspect these gems.


     “Lost Gems” has 16 folders of samples.  In total, there are 152 drum samples. In each of the folders, you will find vinyl samples, kicks, snares, hi-hats, effects, and various other sounds. “Lost Gems” has a boombap feel and approach to production! Also, as it relates to some of the trap oriented samples. This meshes a gritty east coast feel with all types and genres of music you create. The same mood or sound can be applied to your tracks when using “Lost Gems”. You can definitely here that Havoc of Mobb Deep is one of his influences.


    “V.Don” definitely is an example to the adage… it’s not what you make your beats with but it’s how you make your beats. Pounding drums, snappy and thundering snares, crisp hi-hats, crackling vinyl sounds, risers and effects, 808 drums, drumbreaks and sample chops are all in “Lost Gems”. What more can you ask for? I have repeatedly said that the vinyl sound is lost in most of today’s productions. This is what makes this kits such a lost gem. The elements within “Lost Gems” are not heard in the songs played on the radio. That void opens a door for many producers to add something different to the culture of Hip-Hop.


If you are looking for bass guitar, electric keys, piano or other instrument sounds, you will not find that here. What you will find is quality samples and a character that only “V.Don” has used in his tracks. That is a gritty street sound known to evoke emotion. I say that as I am listening to his “Lost Gems” Instrumental Mixtape and writing this review. The same sounds and mood of this mixtape is what you get when you purchase “Lost Gems”. There’s emotion in them samples!


Since the advent of Boomtrap, I no longer say kits like “Lost Gems” are just for boombap heads. This kit is for hip-hop heads that want to make some banging tracks with hip-hop centered changeups. Today, you have to keep the listener engaged. Great job “V.Don”. So, if you need that rare spark added to your productions then pick up “Lost Gems” by “V.Don”. You can make some real aggressive hip-hop with this kit. Head over to the drum broker’s website and purchase “Lost Gems” for 24.99.


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