Snare Jordan Vol4

It’s PTSD back with another review. Today I’m delighted to inform you that Jake One has released his latest installment in the Snare Jordan series! The highly anticipated Snare Jordan Vol. 4 is out and available at our very good friends over at The Drum Broker.


I’m sure everyone here knows exactly who super-producer Jake One is—He’s been around for a very long time indeed and has produced tracks for some of the biggest artists in the industry. Any one with a good ear for great drums, will be aware that the Snare Jordan series has some of the best kits available on the market.


Snare Jordan Vol. 4 kicks off exactly where the 3rd installment left off. These drums are ill, and a must have—make no mistake about it! Inside Snare Jordan Vol. 4 you will find Jake’s signature sounds. The beefy kicks and cracking snares Jake One is famous for are in this pack and will blow your mind. All samples are in industry standard 16-bit and with over 100 one-shots included in .WAV and .AIFF format. This kit is CRAZY.


What really stood out here were the hats and percussion sounds that this kit offers: Crazy hats and cymbals, meticulously crafted one-shots and loops are present. Really, really unique sounds which have been highly processed using his Ensoniq ASR-10 and ran through an SSL. These sounds are ready to drop into your weapon of choice. The variety and quality is unsurpassed. Dope fills, hats and cymbal patterns, miscellaneous percs, shakers, shuffles, snaps, claps and some rare drum breaks are also included. The mouths of drum connoisseurs will be watering when auditioning the samples in this sound set.


You will be delighted with your purchase if you buy this one. Not only are the drums EPIC, Jake One has also included 4 bonus folders!  The main man himself has provided, and given you all, the exact sounds he used when making the beat for the artist’s listed below:


Dom Kennedy –  “Daddy”

Dom Kennedy – “Thank You Biggie”

Wale – “The Success”

Wale –“The Matrimoney”


If you own, or have had the pleasure of using any of the previous Snare Jordan releases, you should be fully aware that Jake One’s drums are elite. Jake One has pulled out all the stops once again and given the privileged consumer access to some of his personal drum collection. If you are looking for marvelous sounding drums, I highly recommend you head over to the Drum Broker and add this kit to your arsenal. You can purchase it for $24.99 and as always, it’s available for immediate digital download after payment.


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