MSXII – Fill Up Banks 3


So it feels like it’s been a millennium since I last reviewed a kit from MSXII. Not by choice, I just havn’t had one fall into my lap recently. But today I get to review the latest pack from MSXII, Fill Up Banks 3. It’s been just over a year since we reviewed the initial release of this series, Fill Up Banks. The original got a 4/5, so I’m looking forward to digging in.


So MSXII have delivered the 3rd edition in the Fill Up Bank series. This is literally what it says it is, a fill up bank. MSXII found a quite area in the market a year ago and they are exploiting it. This kit is dedicated to drum fills. This allows the producer to build bridges in their drum patterns. For the 3rd installment MSXII have packed vol. 3 with a vintage theme. This pack has been created with that late 60’s sound in mind. Use them between sections of your verse, chorus or even both. The possibilities are endless.


Fill Up Banks 3 consists of 45 jazzy vintage live drum fills in 16bit.wav format. The equipment used was all custom. The setup was a 1960’s Gretsch Kick, 1960’s Ludwig Toms and 1960’s Supraphonic. These have all been tuned to give that jazzy feel. These fills have been slightly coloured and saturated to give us, the end user, the opportunity for optimal mixing.


So MSXII have given us a bank of fills. All 45 are located in one folder, which makes them nice, quick and easy to locate. As explained, these are all recorded from a live drum kit and you can tell. The quality of these fills are good, they are clean and crisp! There is a wide selection of fills, with many different rhythms, shuffles and fill patterns. The drummer is clearly well trained and he knows his way around the kit. Some of my favorites are fill 5, 20, 38, 39.


This pack is aimed at the producer who wants a fill quick, without having to dig. You can grab a fill from a track, some drum loops etc, but this isn’t always the preferred method. If your looking for a quick and easy drum fill that sounds good this pack is for you. This also combines well with Soulful Stems 2 and Joe Deertay. So if you’re enjoying those, you will want to check out Fill Banks 3.


To give my conclusion, this is a good pack that delivers what it aims to do. This time round the kit is $5 more than vol. 1, which brings the price of Fill Banks 3 to $19.99. That being said we do get 15 more fills for that extra $5. There are other packs / kits out there, that will give you more bang for buck, but this is a specialized kit with unique drum fills that sound good. You can grab a copy of this pack from DrumBroker for a reasonable price. That’s all from me. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith


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