Monosole Presents: Tape to Dub Plate 6 “Brush Bap”

From the team at The Drum Broker, and Monosole music. Tape to Dub Plate 6 “Brush Bap” (TTDP6) is a filthy collection  of drum breaks performed with a set of brushes instead of your traditional drum sticks. For those who aren’t familiar with the series, the drum breaks are recorded straight to tape, mixed on a chain of analog gear, sent to a lathe to become vinyl, then finally re-sampled on a Roland SP404. As you can tell, this is certainly not a quick process, but the time invested truly does show, with the warmth, and quality these samples posses. As a bonus, Monosole has included pre-vinyl samples as well. But enough with me running my mouth,lets get rolling into these breaks.



As I Mentioned above Once downloaded you’re presented with two folders, The pre-vinyl samples, and the mastered vinyl samples, Each folder is then broken down by the B.P.M of the breaks ranging from 85-100. This is perfect tempo range for the true boom bap heads out there as well as some laid back chill wave producers (imagine the spacey interludes on Adult Swim). Since brushes where used to play on TTDP6, this collection of breaks have a very light and jazzy feel to them. They provide a lot of swing, yet remain light enough for the user to stack some hard hitting samples of their own on top.


I gotta say I am also really digging the versatility of these breaks, some are ready to be looped up with no effort at all, while others have really vibrant samples hiding throughout the break, ready to be chopped up, and singled out on your sampler of choice. For those interested in the difference between the pre-vinyl, and mastered samples, the Pre-vinyl’s are definitely a lot tighter with a little less griminess, giving a more natural feel. Personally I think both sound great but I love the warmth that the SP404  gives the mastered samples. I also forgot to mention that TTDP6 comes packed full with a total of 204 breaks, giving the buyer a tons of resources, to keep them busy for months.


If I had to have one beef with this kit, it would be is that a couple of the breaks are labeled a certain b.p.m but were recorded and saved as something different. As a producer who isn’t a huge fan of looping stuff I always chop my breaks into single one-shot samples, then re-play the break my self. For the producers out there that do incorporate looping breaks in their productions, these mislabeled samples could cause a little trouble when it comes to time stretching, but its certainly nothing that devalues this kit.
In conclusion, TTDP6 is another home run in the “World Series” of boom bap drum kits. With tons of high quality options, in perfectly organized folders, this is a must have for any producer in the need of some fresh, royalty free, breaks that can easily be chopped into one hits and yet still remain unique as a whole. Anyone that knows jack about the production side of things can respect the hard labor that was invested into processing these breaks, making these bad boys something that shouldn’t be slept on. Available in 16 bit and 24 bit wav. files for the super low price of $24.99, this one definitely doesn’t hurt your pockets. So make sure you head over to The Drum Broker to snatch up your copy of Tape To Dub Plate 6. Until next time y’all, stay safe and keep the hits coming.


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