JFilt’s Very Sick Drums Sound Library

What’s all the way goodie MM fam? Hip Hop in its hay day was all based on drums loops and samples. The early boom bap hits that rocked the New York City streets would soon become a staple in modern day music. The backbone, the drums had to be dusty, gritty and grimy. In production today that sound is still sought after, and JFilt’s (Howtomakeverysickbeats.com) Very Sick Drums kit not only brings us that gritty sound, but takes us back to the time of shoulder boom boxes and Adidas suits. Packed with kicks, snares, claps, toms and more this sample kit will have your head knockin.

As I always do when I get a kit, I gravitated towards the kicks. To my surprise and pleasure there were SUB FOLDERS each containing at least 10 kicks and no more than 30. As I went through the content was beyond superb in the folders labeled DITC Kicks and MPC Kicks. Lots of punchiness in many kicks, while some were a breath of fresh air with little bottom (perfect for layering). I got the vinyl section, and was slightly disappointed. If you watch JFilt’s YouTube, you’ll see he’s always coming up with outstanding sound design tricks using anything from a tabletop, to the white noise on an analog TV set. It sounded like here he was using a record player with vinyl and record samples of the needle being dropped on a record at times, or the record is being pushed back manually. While I dig the creativity, I can see myself and many others skipping over this section of kicks.

As I moved to the snare section, I found myself getting lost in awesomeness.  There are 5 sub folders in here neatly labeled and sure as hell disappoint. I went to the urban folder first and was immediately inspired by the crispiness. Some of these snares have the sound of biting into a fresh apple. While the underground section gives you that lo-fi, grainy sound. I was a little apprehensive about getting to the vinyl snares (see vinyl kicks soliloquy above). But once I got in, I found it was bliss. The dust came right off of these samples and through my BX8s and I found myself loving them. I can see these for being used by guys that like to create breaks underneath their tracks with a filter on them. They are great.

As I bring this review to a close, I find myself not at all hard pressed to say that Very Sick Drums is in fact….sick (flu-like if you must). With toms, claps, snaps, hats, percussion, FX and a very nice bonus section, round out this kit to be one of the go-to kits in my arsenal. On a scale of 1-16 pads, (1 being Tom Brady footballs and 16 being Tom Brady’s wife), Very Sick Drums clocks in at a solid 12 pads. I recommend you not only get this drum kit, but also check out the YouTube. The energy and love he brings to beat making is 2nd to none.


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