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Flint, Michigan natives Brandon Corder and Bengie Garrett have a developed quite an impressive catalog of production for some of hip-hops most progressive artists including Big Krit, Curren$y, Trademark, GilbereForte, Lacrae, Dee-1, Pusha-T and Jim Jones. They also have production credits with several major entertainment entities such as MTV, VH1, ESPN. Their sound is solid, versatile and driven! Check out their music here. Foreign Allegiance has mastered the art of making you move and the epic nature of their production is consistent. Trust me, these cats know the art of creating soundscapes. As a music connoisseur, I appreciate most genres of music. I also have a SERIOUS problem with monotony. A lot of producers fall victim to making boring tracks, or music that follows everyone else’s formula. Foreign Allegiance are NOT those cats. They make some of the most interesting and lush production that I’ve heard in recent years. It’s no surprise then that they handle sound design with the same innovation.


The kit contains 101 drum and fx sounds in .Wav format. There are five folders included which contain:

  • 23 808’s and kicks
  • 11 hats and percs
  • 25 snares
  • 17 synth loops
  • 25 vox and fx’s


Lets break down what goodies we get in these folders. First, the kick drums and snare drums are ALWAYS the determining factor to me for if a drum sample kit is on point! The kicks here really shine! There are some really dope, punchy 808’s included. Some subs appear to have been layered with another truncated punchy kick drum to give them a sharper attack. I really dig these 808’s, not at all your average subs. There are also 5 loops in this folder that knock! They are ready to be chopped or used as is even. These loops vary in style and have a wide range of uses. There are about 5 non-sub kicks that are pure punch! These are the kicks that would probably offer the widest range of use. However every kick drum in the kit, whether a sub or not is fully use-able! BANGERS!


The snare folder is equally impressive and contains mostly trap based claps and snares as well as several non-trap drum rolls and loops. There are also rim shots and snaps here. If you’re looking for vinyl boom bap drums you won’t find any here. I don’t see a issue with that however, because of the versatility of the snares/claps and such offered here. The claps SLAP! The different types of snares offered here are ill! There is one non-snare sample in the snare folder I’m mad curious about, the file ‘revvv loop’. It’s a reversed synth and seems like it belongs in the synth loops folder. (excuse my organizational OCD).


Speaking of the synth loops folder, it has 17 synth loops that could be used as song staters. These could also be chopped and flipped over the drums in this kit to create some magic. The hats and perks folder contains 11 hi hats and percussion sounds including loops. Nice variety. Last but not least is vx and fx’s folder. You’ll find several odd treats here, from vocals to sound effects. My favorite sample from this folder is ‘me real high’. Its a tweaked out ethereal female vocal. I can imagine several uses for these samples in the  vx and fx’s folder.


Over all, this is a VERY solid kit from Foreign Allegiance. No throwaway sounds here. It’s easy to tell that this kit was carefully constructed. I expect nothing but great releases from Foreign Allegiance in the future. Using MaschineMasters rating scale of 16 pads, (16 being the best) I would rate this a solid 15 Pads! Go check it out for yourself. With a price tag of $24.99, this kit will make a great addition to your sound library. Until next time, keep bangin’!


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