What’s good people? It’s PTSD back with another review! Today I’m gonna be checking out the new Breaks For Days kit. Breaks For Days-June is now available over at our favorite drum dealer The Drum Broker. As always, this is available for immediate digital download after purchase. This kit is very reasonably priced at a modest $9.99. This kit is the 6th installment in the ever-popular break beat series. Breaks for days- June comes loaded with 30 new and fresh breaks in the 16-bit  .WAV format. These breaks are sampler-friendly and are ready to drop into your weapon or DAW of choice.


As with the previous releases, these breaks have been run through an analogue tape machine to give them some character and warmth. To be completely honest, this is my first time hearing any of these breaks as I have not had the pleasure of working with any of the previous releases. But after auditioning this kit, that was a clear mistake! Inside the folder you can find the kit artwork and 30 breaks labeled June-1-30. The quality stands out to me as soon as I run these through my PA system. I can feel the warmth and character after I auditioned the first sounds. Immediately I could tell that these have been perfectly recorded and processed to perfection. Being a break beat enthusiast, collector and connoisseur, I was bobbing my head and smiling after hearing the first few clips.


However you personally like to use your breaks, whether you chop them up finely, or just straight loop them, you can definitely get some good use out of these samples. I found lots of variety in style and time signature, which, for us the user, provides the flexibility that we demand and need. To be fair, as these breaks are of such high quality, not much processing will be needed to get these to sit exactly where you want them to be. As we all know, finding some awesome abstract breaks from vinyl, and then chopping and manipulating them, is fun! But, getting them processed correctly can be time consuming. Not much EQ is going to be needed here as the creators of this kit have taken care of all the hard work for us, which is a breath of fresh air and a workload lightener.


Overall, I loved the originality of this pack and I’m definitely happy to add these to my sound library. Breaks For Days-June is hugely useable and diverse. I was impressed with this months’ installment and now I think I will integrate these samples more often in the future! If you want to save time digging for breaks or you’re just sick and tired of using the same old, unoriginal stuff, get yourself over to The Drum Broker and snap this one up for $9.99 – you can’t go wrong!


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