Analog Sweeps Vol. 1 – Effects, Sweeps, & Textures from Vinyl

Yo! What’s happening MachineMasters? It’s your boy PTSD here. Today, I’m going to be reviewing Analogue Sweeps Vol. 1 “FX, Sweeps & Textures from vinyl. This is a sample pack produced by our good friends over at The Drum Broker. I must add that this is a homegrown product constructed by the company itself and not a 3rd party supplier.


So what do you get? Inside the pack you will find two folders- Analogue Sweeps Vol.1 (16 bit) and Analogue Sweeps Vol.1 (24 bit). These two folders contain 78 sounds respectively, all in .WAV format. After loading this pack into your preferred host DAW or sampler. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised that the guys over at Drum Broker did an outstanding job here.


After auditioning the kit, I was definitely impressed with the variety and quality of the sounds. There were some great, fat, full-bodied analogue sweeps, outer worldly FX, and down shifters with some cool little stabs thrown in for good measure. This product has been carefully crafted. To my great pleasure, I didn’t come across any genetic crap. No side-chained white noise rises in audible proximity here.


The sounds themselves vary in length, and have been resampled from vinyl. Some excellent processing using classic studio hardware has been applied to provide the buyer with lots of flexibility, and to cater for many musical styles. The Drum Broker definitely didn’t disappoint me with the quality of this sound set. There has been ample headroom left on the sounds with zero clipping, that also gives you head room as producers to personalize processing, and sound manipulation.


Why spend your hard earned cash on this one then? For me, it’s definitely a pack that has all the ingredients I could use. These super analogue sounds are great! And, they will keep your creative juices flowing for a long time, indeed. As you move through sample packs, trying to find the sound that you need, it can become a real workflow dampener.


This one is simple and easy–No lengthy periods auditioning sounds that haven’t had the same care and attention-to-detail put into them like this pack has. Lots of good stuff in here for your sonic palette- TRUST ME- and well worth a look. For the price, it’s a no brainer! My advice to you guys is don’t sleep on this one–the price-point alone makes it an outstanding buy offering lots of mileage.


You can pick this one up for $14.99 over at Drum Broker and get it delivered instantly after purchase via digital download. Good stuff all around here from the Ninja’s over at Drum broker. I was seriously impressed! I hope that you have found this review helpful. I tried to give you guys genuine insight into this kit. Till the next time–press them pads!


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