MSX Audio Presents: The Line

Back at it again, today I have a treat for your samplers bought to you by those titan sound designers known as MSXII Audio. MSXII AUDIO presents The Line! The Line is a collection of live sampled drum-line phrases which have been masterfully captured chopped and sorted into two folders, Phrases and One Shots. There are 38 phrases in the Phrase folder which are chopped phrases such as drum-line rolls, fills and other such variations. The One Shots folder contains 39 samples such as Crash rolls, drum hits, cymbal hits, Flams, etc., which were chopped from the original performances to give us the sounds used in creating them.


The first thing I noticed about this dope ass sample kit is if these sounds are combined with the right kick and snare rhythm you’ll get that bounce made popular by super producer Timbaland. This samples sound like they would bring life and extra movement to any production they are combined with. This isn’t the drum-line Nick Cannon was in! This is that Texas state get the crowd out of their seats and get em hyped and ready for the big win drum-line. (no disrespect to Nick Cannon).


My favorite sounds are found in the Phrases folder but when those are coupled with some of the one shot sample it makes for some interesting audio acrobatics. See what most veteran producers know is that sometimes a simple kick, snare, hi-hat combo just wont do. Its the extra added in-between stuff that takes to that level of sounding exceptional when your productions are played back in a range of environments. What works in keeping our attention as humans is movement. This is why at parades we usually see the drum-line band come out performing bold masterful drum solos and synchronized drum performances. Audiences love the movement and audio/visual aspect. Now, take that SAME movement translated through sound, close your eyes and and hear the illest kicks, snares, synths, bass lines, etc., layered over the ill drum-line performance. You get the same movement which gives your production that added element we see/hear at the football game or parade. That’s that instant crowd hype! Pretty ill huh?


As with other kits from MSXII we get sounds that are completely usable with little or no tweakage needed. All .Wav files are 16 bit so these can be used with any DAW that works with .Wav files. If you’re into finger drumming I challenge you to load up the samples from the One Shot folder and see how easy it is to create your own original drum-line compositions. Mixing and matching the sounds can prove to be very interesting depending on the type of feel you are going for.


The only thing I looked forward to in this kit was vocal yells or chanting we often hear during drum-line performances or the whistles. The background crowd also would have been dope. With or without those vocal elements however this is a very solid kit.


This is not a kit to be slept on. If you create anthems at all or would like to create the type of music that brings to mind artists like Missy Elliot or producers like Timbaland, this is a definite kit to have in your collection. Don’t sleep on this kit! Wake up and go cop it now ya beat making animals!!!!

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