!llmind Cocaine Synths Vol 3

!llmind is busy guy, creating an entire brand of samples that are top notch while simultaneously running a monthly club for producers, all the while managing to cement himself as a steady force in hiphop via recent work with J.Cole, Ludacris, and more. !llmind never ceases to amaze, creating sounds to keep today’s producers relevant. Enter the world of the cocaine synths. Warning: use of these addictive sounds may cause a strong dependency, heavy beat creativity and accomplished feeling after finding out how many dope tracks can be built using them.


The 1st thing I noticed about volume 3, is that it shares the same lush soundscape and contrast between darker and brighter feeling tracks, just like the previous two volumes. Consistency in a product line is good, so that did not go unnoticed. With volume 3, !llmind paints epic synthesized sequences, all of which possess the vintage feel which we’ve become accustomed to. We get 20 tracks, each of which broken down within the STEMS folder. This folder contains the audio stems for each composition (pre-tape & completely dry). When listening to these samples I’m reminded of the work of John Carpenter and Vangelis, with influences dating back to Jean Michel Jarres 1976 release, Oxygène. The themes range from brooding, dark, large and emotional (Enter The Chamber for example) to cinematic pieces that sound like they belong in a 80’s movie score (Hedgefund). That being said, it’s obvious that the blap master put great deal of time and detail into these arrangements from sound selection to sequence.


Out of the 20 sequences, I’m gonna go into detail on my top 5! Keep in mind however EVERY sample in this kit is as pure as a key of Colombian coca from Pablo Escobar’s ‎Medellín (sniff, sniff).

  1. Let’s start with BASTARDS, good LORD I damn near got high just listening to this epic piece of audio artistry! It starts with high strings that sound like Mellotron strings which are then accompanied by a synth, angelic choir voices and bright strings! Pure uncut epicness!
  2. LAUNCHING starts off with a filtered synth that sounds like something out of The Legend Of Zelda and builds to a epic pulsating sequence. I really dig how the bass arps seem to slightly pan back and forward as well.
  3. MOTHER’S MILK has boom trap written all over it! With the right drum patterns, and switches in the type of drums used with it, this sample could be used to create a dark bouncing track.
  4. UNDERRATED BISHOPS is seriously trippy. It leads in with delayed bright synths that are followed by several layers of oceanic sounds. Then a filtered organ bouncing as well a bleepy synth ease in followed by a sinister bass and some eerie strings that are mixed to create a surround sound effect.
  5. WIN OR LOSE has arpeggiated slightly metallic synths dancing around followed by evolving synths and !llmind’s signature sub.

Many of these samples are versatile in that they could be used in different aspects. Whether trap or boom bap, there is stuff here that could be chopped and flipped or used as is to create your very own masterpiece.


These synth compositions are created with the sample digger in mind. Man, I’m telling you these samples will have you singing like OT Genesis “I GOT LOVE FOR THE COCO” (baking soda, I got baking soda). !llmind has done it again!!!!! So get ready to have your nervous system stimulated by the euphoric effects of these massively addictive, hauntingly beautiful sounds. Like Fat Joe said “thank God for that WHITE!  Use of these can be habit forming, word to Rick James and Bobby Brown! Keep in mind though, uncut dope is hard to come by, and this release is in limited supply with only 100 kits to be sold! Go cop now!

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