Erik Jackson Presents: Jazz Pads

What’s up my fellow producers and beat makers? Once again, it’s Daysun Civil with another review for Maschine Masters. I am checking out another Erik Jackson drum kit. He is mostly known for providing great acoustic and live drum samples. His latest drum kit is entitled Erik Jackson Presents: Jazz Pads. Just as the title suggest, there are numerous jazzy chords and one shot drums sounds created from instruments such as the 1977 Fender Rhodes, a 1958 double Bass and a 1950s Slingerland Radio King drumset. Let’s review Jazz Pads.

Jazz Pads is comprised of 3 folders and 1 demo song. Of the three folders, one is labeled “A_ Progressions”. 8 folders of progressions are located in this folder. When selecting any one of the 8 folders, you will find 3 additional folders containing samples of Rhodes sounds, accompanying bass sounds and Midi files. The Rhodes and bass sounds are based on the 2-5-1 progressions commonly used in music today.

The next folder within Erik Jackson Present: Jazz Pads is a collection of jazz oriented drum break loops labeled as B_ Break Loops 90 BPM. There are 20 break loops with different variations of a similar but stylized jazz break. For example, you may have a cymbal and snare combo. Next, there is a cymbal, snare, snare ghost-notes and a thumping bass kick combination to sample or loop. The sonics for each pattern are thick, punchy and deep. This are great for chopping and sprinkling over your productions. Also, these breaks are great for generating ideas.

The last folder labeled “C_ Vibes Kit” contains one shot drum sounds.  There are (21) crashes, (21) closed and (25) open hats, (20) kicks, (7) rides, (5) ghost-notes, (20) snares and (7) toms for you to choose from. These sample are not from records fellas. This is an actual drumset played and recorded by a professional. Also, these drums are punchy with a lot of presence and dynamics.

Sonically, the Rhodes chords used in crafting “Jazz Pads” has a lot of tine. Think of the intro to the Whispers version of “This Christmas”. Although, the sound of the Rhodes is a bit brighter. Still, there’s a great sound coming from these vintage instruments. I like the ability to take the Rhodes and Bass chords and place then on the pads of your drum machine, DAW or keyboard and play them any way you like. The chords are major 7ths, minor 7ths, major 9ths, and minor 9ths. I recall seeing one augmented chord and major 13th chord. Also, I would like to mention that the layout of Jazz Pads is a very organized.

Sonically, Erik Jackson has crafted a great kit.  I would recommend Erick Jackson’s Jazz Pads to any producer looking to put some jazzy vibes with Rhodes, bass and drum in their productions. Be sure to head over to the Drum Brokers website and purchase this kit for 9.99. That is a steal for a price that low.


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