Drum Broker Essential Percussion

What’s the deal MM fam, it’s TheSamplerKing aka VolcanoBeats back at you once again with another “Essential” library from the good folks over at the Drum Broker. This time they tackle percussion with their latest installment in the Essential series, Essential Percussion.


What is it? It’s a dope collection of 40 percussion stabs and loops ranging from your everyday shakers to more exotic favorites such as djembe, congas and even tin cups. Yep it has those in there too! This one is jam packed with grooves that can serve as a nice template to your next banger or give just a touch of that added funk to take it over the top. All sounds are in standard 16 bit/44 kHz wav format, so thumbs up for across the board compatibility. Even though the sounds are all high quality, they do seem to have some nice grit to them which makes them even better in my book. They also have a nice, non-quantized feel to them. I think these had to be mic’d and played by hand. I mean, can midi sound this realistic?


My favorite out of the bunch is the aforementioned “tin cup” derived sample titled, Cup Noodles; but let me tell you, it was hard getting through to listen to all of the sounds in this sample pack. Each one had me wanting to load up some drums and synths and get it cracking. I made about 10 sketch tracks/beats in a matter of two hours. Yep, I would have to say these sounds are pretty inspiring. Although there are some one-shot sounds, most are little groovy loops that can be dragged and dropped and used simply as a looped element to your tracks. They also can be chopped and programmed which is my obviously my favorite. I like to get in there and rearrange everything to give things an even more tailored feel. Another highlight is the selection of tambourines. Whether they are alone or one of a few elements, I think they used the tambourine quite nicely throughout the sample set. Congas and Bongos are also very prevalent as you would expect from any percussion library. Though each sample is pretty simple in texture, they really shine creatively, making for a good library that can serve as a go to for percussion sounds. Even if you already have libraries of similar sounds, these go beyond that, offering up some stimulation to your creative flow.


So if you are in need of sounds that are out of the norm, check out this nice collection. Freshly released and ready to give your joints that extra “zing” they may need. And for $13 bucks? Well, you can’t beat that! Hit that link below and head on over to the Drum Broker and tell em’ VolcanoBeats and MaschineMasters sent you. Now back to the lab, Peace!


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