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As usual London’s pouring down with rain, its miserable and cold. But there’s no need to worry as Break For Days have released their May edition break pack.  I’ve previously reviewed one of the monthly released kits from BFD, but they didn’t stand out enough for me. I’m hoping to see a good level of improvement in the May edition. So lets dig into this months release and see what May is all about!



So what do we get? Historically BFD have delivered breaks and there’s no surprise this time. The breaks sound like they are freshly recorded from a live drum kit. The drummer is clearly well trained and knows what works with what. After listening to a few BFD packs, the drummer pays special attention to mixing up their snares.

We receive a break for every day in May. So for those that aren’t aware there are 31 days in May, which means BFD have delivered 31 breaks. This is something that BFD have traditional done in the past. Always matching the number of days, with the number of breaks they release for that month.

Mays edition has a classic funk break beat sound to them, which were all recorded and processed through an analog tape. Each break is in .WAV format and is compatible with most DAW’s including Ableton, Reason, Cubase, Logic, Fruit Loops etc.


Sound Design

As the world keeps turning, more and more producers prefer to go down the route of using live drum sounds. If your one of those producers, which I am becoming, this will be of interest to you. BFD have done a good job recording the breaks. The setup clearly works, as the breaks are all of high quality, which will give your track that live feel / sound.

I really like the drum kit that was selected. It delivers big pumping kicks, which are really nice on the ear. The snares are very hard hitting giving you that snapping sound. The cymbals have been selected carefully and all work together. Nothing too high pitch that will make you cringe. They all sit nicely in the mix, some better than others.

I do like the breaks and some of my favorites are 15, 25, 7 and 30. 15 is a basic blues shuffle, but there’s something about it that grabs my attention. I’m one of those guys that believe simplicity is genius. There are many different shuffles and patterns within this pack, which are all on time to their specific time signature and groove.



Breaks For Days have consistently delivered breaks at bargain prices and this is no different. Since my last review BFD are definitely heading in a better direction. The breaks are comparable with others out there at higher prices.

To sum this up, the market is flooded with breaks and drum sounds. If you’re looking for live drums breaks, I would consider the May edition from Breaks for Days. Its available for instant download from DrumBroker at a very cheap price of $9.99. It’s worth every penny. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith and stay tuned for more content based reviews here on Maschine Masters.

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