Beat Butcha: Steroid Pack


The BIG man from the UK is back! No, not me…. BEAT BUTCHA! (Cue super hero theme music). Now, if you ain’t heard of him, you might want to start questioning what the hell you’ve been doing for the past year or two. This guy brought us the world famous Pure Protein series Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4 and oh what a family that was! Pure Protein Vol.3 nearly took top spot in our top 10 kits of 2014, but Snare Jordan 2 managed to just out-muscle it. Maybe that’s why BeatButcha has labeled this one “STEROID PACK.” (see what we did there?)



This is the freshest pack in a new series, we hope (fingers crossed)! Beat Butcha has managed to squeeze 73 FX, 150 Hats & Percussions, 150+ Kicks & 808’s, 221 Snares, 25 Drum Breaks and 131 Chords & Chops into this very well endowed kit. All the samples are delivered in .Wav format and are compatible with any just about any DAW on earth.


By now, we all know how BB likes to organize his packs. Initially we have 6 folders; FX, Hats & Perc, Kick, Snares, Drumloop and Chords & Random Chops. Within the Kick folder we discover a separate 808 folder and the Snares are dissected into sub folders, including Claps & Clicks, Rimshots, Single, and Stacked. Chords and Chops could well be the prized asset of this pack. Within the Chops folder you will discover many nice gems. I found the whole pack really easy to muscle through and find what I need.


Testosterone or Not?



Big Kicks, that’s what we want! Big roided’ out Kicks and that’s what Beat Butcha has delivered. They’re gritty, hard-hitting and sure to deliver that gut punch to your track. Reverb has been injected into many of the kicks giving them a warmer feeling and longer sustain tail. As for favorites, honestly, I wouldn’t know where to start. With so many to choose from, I really do feel like a kid in a sweet shop. Or in this case, like I just did 20 reps of 250lbs.



Ever seen Snares on juice? Me neither. Yet BeatButcha has managed to serve up plenty, single or stacked, and they all have that BAP feel. Some more than others, but make no mistake, these are all high quality, strong additions to your arsenal. Similar to the Kicks, reverb has been added to many and we are literally overloaded with dope sounds. The stacked section has many to choose from, which range from Snares stacked with Tambourines, Claps, Hi-Hats and more. I’m even sure I heard a snare with a water drop sound over the top (layerthingz.wav). These guys are “swoll” for sure.



We get a wide selection of Hi-Hats all packed into one folder. This is a mixture of closed and open. To bolster up this folder the Percs are also added. A variety of percussion sounds are included for example Toms, Shakers, Cymbals and more.  A few patterns have also been added for good measure. They all sound great and my only criticism would be that there is a lot of variety all bundled into one folder, but to be honest the file names are descriptive enough that you can quickly find your way.



Next exercise, Drumloops. Bongos, drums, cymbals, fast, slow, as if we weren’t jacked up to our eyeballs with delicious sounds already, we get even more. Primarily these are designed for Hip-Hop, but that’s not to say that with a little persuasion they can’t be used in different genres. Some of my favorite loops are fhloop and slow_loop. These are fairly basic, but they just have that BOOM BAP vibe and the way the open hi-hat cuts through the mix on fhloop, is just DOPE. The loop sounds very familiar, but I cannot put a finger on where the sample has been used.


Chords & Chops

Can you handle any more?! We’re slowly approaching my favorite folder in this pack, Chops. We get a huge mix of random chops of strings, synths, pianos, organs that sound crazy! There’s even something in here for that producer who likes to create those dark/ sinister beats. I love the Piano chops in this pack and also love the vibe on the sweet_ sample. We get a very similar mix within the chords folder, but the stand outs in here have to be the Rodes_Chords_. They are very melodic and as soon as I hear them ideas just come rushing into my head. I can see these being use for a good old morning Hip-Hop beat, but they can easily be incorporated into other genres to add a chilled texture.



If all that wasn’t enough we are juiced up with a variety of FX, which are very entertaining and I’m sure you will all have plenty of fun with these. There is a huge mix of sounds that range from aliens, highway, lazor synths, radio etc. One of my favorites is “heorah”. The initial part of the sample kinda reminds me of the crowd in the street fighter game on SNES, or even a block party.


Judges Decision

The Steroid Pack has the ability to pump your drums up, whilst adding something a little tasty in the background. For many months we have missed a stand out pack that delivers a punch like this, filled with Testosterone, going for the Knockout. Well here is that kit. You seriously get a lot for the money! I’m very curious to see how BeatButchas competition reacts as this will probably be the best kit of 2015 (unless we receive a “STEROID Vol. 2” before years end). It’s almost as if BeatButcha was at the “Finish Him” stage and just unleashed a CRAZY fatality that decapitates every kit that has been released this year.


Don’t sleep on this one people. Go cop this from DrumBroker for $24.99. It might just be the best $24.99 you will spend this year. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith, and stay tuned to MaschineMasters for reviews on all the latest sound libraries and drum kits.



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