12 Bit Soul Vol.3 by Divided Soul & The Drum Broker

Whats up world! Dnast here once again, bringing you my thoughts and feelings on the latest  installment in the 12 Bit Soul series, from the killer team of Divided soul and The Drum Broker. 12 Bit Soul 3 is a collection of 120 hard hitting drums, that focus on Keeping the analog feel, in modern productions. As always Divided Soul provides the buyer with high quality samples that pay homage to the SP1200 with their warmth and crunch.



12 Bit soul 3 comes loaded to the brim with 41 knocking kicks. With everything you need, from quick thumper, to sustained heavy hitter’s, these kicks are sure to make your productions feel like Chuck Norris is round housing you in the chest. Another great thing about these kicks is not only do they bump like crazy, they each have their own unique feel and are ready to make an impact on your song right out of the box . All in all I would say the Kick section of the kit is nearly flawless, and almost worth the asking price alone!



Like a wise man once said every kick needs a snare, and  12 Bit soul 3 certainly delivers in this category.  Loaded with variety, this kit includes a snare for almost any genre you could think of, from dusty boom bap to to modern day EDM these bad boys have a world of potential. The only beef I have with the snares in this kit would be is that some seem to be a little to heavy in the reverb category. Despite the heavy reverb, dialing back the sustain knob on just about any “Transient plugin” can help reign those reverb tails in some. Overall, there are only a small handful out of the 47 total that have this problem, so its certainly not a deal breaker by any means. That aside, I would say these snares nicely compliment for the kicks included and offer a great variety to add to any producers library.



Last but not least  I checked out the hats and percs folders from 12 Bit Soul 3. With a total of 22 hats and 9 percs, these samples offer whats needed to make this kit a well rounded winner. Just like the kicks and snares the hats and percs come ready for a multitude of genres, Proving that Divided Soul has stuck to their roots on this one, providing analog sexiness to all modern producers. With a variety of open and closed hats, shakers, and other various percs, 12 Bit Soul 3 truly has everything needed in the drum category.



I would say 12 Bit Soul 3 is a must have for all producers. Chocked full with a set of fresh samples for almost any genre, this kit has all the required elements to lay down a Brutal Drum pattern that will memorize any listener. If I had to rate this I would give it a solid 14 out of 16 pads. the classic feel this kit provides is hard to come across in modern drums kits, and the added ability to be a “go to” kit for a variety of producers is certainly unrivaled. For the super low price of $14.99 not only do you get a set of killer samples, but as a bonus, you receive a 12 bit soul and a Drum Broker sticker; what a deal! So make sure you guys head over to the Drum Broker today, and grab your copy of 12 Bit Soul 3, it a true gem! Until next time folks, keep the hits coming, and be safe.


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