Snare Jordan Enterprises Presents – Dramatically Yours

Once again, Maschine Masters is back weed-out the best from the worst in samples libraries and drum kits. You know, help add some heat to your sample anthologies. Today, I’m reviewing a kit from a production powerhouse notorious for quality sample and drum libraries. I am reviewing none other than “Dramatically Yours” from Snare Jordan Enterprises. Jake One and G-Koop are mostly recognized for producing great records and sample replays, respectively. So far, they’ve continuously made banging sample and instrument libraries, not to mention all of the hot product Jake One has been creating in conjunction with his Snare Jordan Drum series. Nevertheless, let’s take a deeper look at “Dramatically Yours”.

“Dramatically Yours” is an instrumental kit crafted by using vintage instruments such as the Oberheim 4v1, Yamaha CS50, various vintage guitars and other vintage synths. As a matter of fact, “Dramatically Yours” plays like a straight up record. The only thing missing is the drums. If you want the ability to easily rip samples like guitars, synths, pianos, bass and leads to make your next hottest track then consider “Dramatically Yours”. In total, there are 10 songs with enough material to sample for days.

The sound, feel and mood of the material in these tracks vary. “Tracks like “4v1 92” and “Vacant 70” have an action or sci-fi movie mood shaped by a powerful synth pattern. “Again 75” is a cinematic track that provides an ominous mood.  The composition of these tracks are amazing and offer various change ups. This is a sampling producer’s gold mine. From piano to orchestral stabs and different bass and rhythm guitar riffs, “Dramatically Yours” lives up to its name. Quality is synonymous with Snare Jordan Enterprises.

I happen to really like the live textures of the guitar licks on tracks like “Continue 82”, “FD Says 85”, “New Spark 83”, “Try 78”, “Vacant 70” and “Rain 80”.  I love the synth bass used in some of the tracks. This project is not amateur. There are chord changes and build-ups like the music was made for a Client Eastwood or Charles Bronson movie. For the record, I think the whole project is tight but “Burning Candle 71” is my joint.

No big name artist and record label will be sticking you for your paper with “Dramatically Yours”. Jake One and G-Koop have masterfully constructed a well-produced and arranged project. As I stated earlier, “Dramatically Yours” does not have any drums for you to sample. That is a plus for project like this. I would love to get the stems for a project and go ape.

“Dramatically Yours” is a sample kit created with original content that can be sampled as you please. So, to all my producers that are handy with the cutting knives, you will love this project. The dynamic instrumentation in each track will definitely provide some material for some grade “A” bangers. Be sure to head over to drum broker and purchase “Dramatically Yours” for 24.99.

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