Minty Vox 3

Whats up world! D-nast back at it, with my thoughts and feelings on a new kit from the masterminds behind the minty series, provided by The Drum Broker. Minty Vox 3 is the latest installment in the minty vox series. For those who aren’t hip, these sample packs come packed to the brim with unique vocal samples,intended to give your productions that exclusive flair on top of  your typical drums. With years and years of digging experience, the team at Minty always provided quality rare vinyl samples processed with high end equipment, a must have for any producer. But enough with the chit chat, lets fire up the pads and see what Minty Vox 3 has in store.


I must admit when I first found out that Minty was dropping a new vox pack I was real excited! Being a proud purchaser of the first two installments, I am no stranger to the fact of how much these chops can boost your production. With everybody and their moms becoming “producers” nowadays, its becoming increasingly harder for a producer to make their drums and percussion stand out on a track, and that is where Minty comes to the rescue! Loaded up with 101 total .wav samples at 24bit 96kHz, MV3 has great options including short grunts, fully spoken words, as well as quick phrases. This variety comes in handy for filling in different parts throughout an entire track. The grunts come in nice during transitions on the first measure  while the short phrases come in handy on the last measure leading into a hook. One particular phrase included with MV3, “throw up your hands” can even be looped up and used for a intro, or assist in the building of a drop in an electronic dance track.


In conclusion I would say Minty Vox 3 is another outstanding pack from the Minty team. Even though there may be vox sample packs out there for a lower price, MV3 provides some of the greatest vinyl vox chops available in the market, that can be used in a wide variety of genres including hip-hop and EDM. Hailing in at 24.99 these bad boys will give your productions that extra spice that everyone craves, while not breaking the bank. So make sure yall head over to The drum broker today and pick up your copy of Minty Vox 3.,this is one kit you don’t wanna miss! Until next time y’all stay safe and make hits!


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