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Greetings earthlings. Today I will be weighing in on a new bundle from our friends over at Hexloops. The Trap MIDI Loops bundle is a collection of three MIDI packs, that are fully stocked with everything needed to arrange a killer Trap production. When using MIDI you gain a huge advantage over loops, because you get to choose the sample that is used as well as the pitch, b.p.m, and other various things giving you the ultimate power to decide how it sounds in the end. But Enough with the chit chat, its time to to fire up the DAW and see what kind of inspiration Hexloops  cooked up with this bundle.


First thing first , I have to say, in my opinion, having raw MIDI data, beats loops any day! As a producer if you are having trouble getting your drums right, or find yourself in need of a quick melody to throw in your track, these loops can come in quite handy. Having some useful MIDI loops at the ready can be essential for quickly achieving these tasks, without losing inspiration, when you are flipping through sounds from the vast array of VST instruments we now have at our disposal.
These can also be as “idea starters” to get your creative juices flowing.


Like I said earlier, Trap MIDI Loops bundle is a collection of three MIDI packs that are normally sold individually. So naturally, I checked out Volume one first. This pack come’s ready to go,with 260 total patterns, that in my opinion will greatly boost any trap production. Including a bunch of drum patterns as well as leads,keys,and other various melody’s, volume 1 has everything needed to create a club banger in minutes; all you need to do is provide the samples and its instant magic. One lead Pattern that really got me hyped was LEAD 2 (Vol1). With this particular pattern, I loaded up a super distorted guitar at 140 bpm. And was instantly ready to set up the drums for a killer beat, that I could hear Lupe Fiasco tear to shreds. Once again the one thing I cant stress enough about these MIDI files, is how quickly they inspire you to make a high quality beat, while retaining originality.


After volume one I moved on down the line to Trap MIDI Loops Vol.2. Just like the Vol.1, this volume comes equipped with all the essential elements for making a super dope trap production. One section of this kit that really shined in my opinion, was the snare patterns. With a combination of single hit and roll patterns, these MIDI patterns really helps leading into a hook with a complex sound that is sure to grab any listeners attention. Packed with 280 patterns total, I personally think Vol. 2 is the strongest of the three, but they certainly all pack a heavy punch.


Last but not least I checked out the last installment, Vol.3. The 3rd volume in this bundle weighs in with the lightest, with only 200 midi loops. But don’t let this turn you off as the quality of these loops certainly do not lack. The best section of loops in this volume, in my opinion, was the synths. With over 35 to chose from the synth patterns create a dazzling melody in seconds and with the right patch on your synth, you’ll be feeling like you became a super producer overnight.


In conclusion, I Would say the Trap MIDI Loops bundle holds the most value with new, up and coming Trap producers, but really should not be slept on by any producer in this genre. When the right patches and sounds are chosen, these patterns can make their way into existing production, while also providing solid foundations to get something started; a definite game changer! With over 700 Patterns total this bundle only costs $49.80, (that’s three kits for the price of two!). So make sure you head over to hexloops.com and check out Trap MIDI Loops bundle today! With the proper sound choice this MIDI is sure to launch you from the bedroom, to the studio in no time. Until next time yall, stay safe and make hits.


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