BullyFinger Ago Vega Breaks

What up MM, Ant Smith back with another product review and this time I have something refreshing from a new kid. The newest designers off the production line at DrumBroker have delivered a heavily loaded kit full of drum breaks. Ago-Vega Breaks is brought to you by Bullyfinger. Lets see if the new kid can pack a punch!


At a glance this is a huge kit that delivers over 1GB of drum breaks. To be precise this is kit contains 47 super hard funky drum breaks. For any producer that samples and uses drum breaks, well Bullyfinger have singled you out and tailored this kit to you. It is aimed at the sampling producer and special attention has been given to the combination of the Kicks and Snares.


All of the breaks are at 80bpm, which is helpful, as you don’t have to sieve through break after break just to find one that’s suitable. As the breaks are all at 80bpm, you don’t have to do any housekeeping. You can jump straight in. So just to reiterate you get 47 drum breaks all at 24bit/96kHz in .WAV format.  All breaks are compatible with most DAWS including Ableton, Reason, Pro tools, Logic, Fruit Loops, etc.


The list below details the gear that was used in the production of this kit:


  • 18”TRX vented hi-hat
  • 14” Zildjian hi-hat
  • 2 Ludwig kicks 20×14 and 16×14
  • Ludwig Acrolite snare 14×5
  • Pearl snare 14×4
  • Electrovoice 635a
  • AKG d112
  • Telefunken m80
  • API 500 series preamps
  • Various sticks, beaters and a few add on’s


As mentioned earlier this is a huge kit, but does it pack that punch we all desire? Yes, it certainly does. The clarity of these breaks are breathtaking. Straight away you can recognize they are live recorded with real instruments. The kicks hit hard and deliver a mouthwatering thud we all crave. The snares produce a vibrating crunch with a recognized impact. The crashes are elegant, but will cut their way through the mix. All breaks are of high quality and there is so much to play with. On a serious note this may be my go to kit for breaks now.


I chopped a few breaks using the threshold feature and after a little tweaking I was very satisfied how the chops were laid out. A very quick and easy process, which will allow anyone to layer some DOPE drums within seconds. As the breaks are all at 80bpm, the filename doesn’t give too much away as its just labeled sequentially by its number, “AGBREAK**”. Here are some of my favorites 9,15, 26, 31, 35, 43, 44, 46.


To answer the question “can this new kit pack a punch”, certainly. You could even say it’s like Mike Tyson vs. Marvis Fraizer. I’m so glad Bullyfinger have entered the market and already I’m craving more from these guys.


Guys don’t sleep on this. Get yourself over to DrumBroker and grab yourself a copy. At $24.99, it’s a steal. 47 drum breaks, high quality, recorded live. And be sure to check out more reviews at MaschineMasters.com. If you have any questions you can catch me at @UKAntSmith.


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