What’s the deal MM nation? VolcanoBeats back at you with another helping of sampler food. The Drum Broker’s Breaks for Days April Edition. The Breaks for Days series is a cool idea because a lot of producers that use breaks such as myself, are always on the hunt for new drum breaks/loops that no one has ever heard. I mean how many times are you gonna use that “Impeach the President” or “Love’s Theme” break? The guys over at the Drum Broker took these matters into their own hands and created this series of brand new breaks; concocted and released every month since the beginning of this year.


Each monthly installment has a break for every day of the respective month, so the BFD April Edition has 30 drum breaks in total. I love the fact that these babies are all original and recorded live with analog tape flavoring. So literally they are nothing like anything you have in your collection. All sounds are in 16bit/44khz format so no one is left out in the cold. There are a wide variety of breaks, with some interesting rolls, all having a speed of roughly 80-100bpm.


I know what you’re thinking… “Cool, another drum break beat product to fill up space on your hard drive”. Not so fast my friend! What sets this series apart is that every month’s Breaks have a different feel than the previous. The month of April is focused on a syncopated feel; they have a different, sometimes a little off bounce to them which is pretty dope if used correctly. If you put them behind a quantized drum or percussion pattern it’ll give your drum beat a nicer, more humanized feel. Though some of these syncopated rhythms will be appealing and some won’t, all of these are “usable” whether as is or chopped and re-programmed. You can add them all to your Maschine library via drag and drop and slice>detect mode to “break” those things up and use them how you want.


I’ve been up on this series since February and the April sounds are drastically different than the previous two months, which speaks to the variety and value of this collection. If you get ‘em all throughout the year (obviously assuming they continue, they may be a limited run??) you will literally have over 360 “new” breaks in your collection. All with different feels.  Best part about this collection, other than the actual sounds of course, is the price. Each installment is only ten bucks. So the month of April’s edition is $10 for 30 drum breaks, which is a pretty nice price. So if you are craving some new drums loops with a different feel, check out the BFD April edition over at the Drum Broker. You won’t be disappointed. Salute!

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