Anomaly Presents: The 808 Formula

Here we go again my fellow producers. It’s Daysun and Maschine Masters with another drum kit review. This latest review is focused on a drum kit from none other than the producer and sound designer Anomaly. This release comes quickly out the gate since his last release “The Oracle Pack Vol 1” was released close to a month ago. Anomaly wastes no time and drops a heavy and brooding 808 kit on us. This further expands his Sound Oracle brand. This latest sound designing undertaking by Anomaly/Sound Oracle goes by the name of “The 808 Formula”. As you can guess by the title, this sample selection is packed with a load of truck rattling 808s. Producers, let’s cut to the chase and see how much boom for the buck “The 808 Formula” has to offer.

Relatively, “The 808 Formula” is a small kit because it is comprised of only 808 sounds. In total, there is a count of 30 808s within this kit. That is a lot of 808 bass sounds! Each bass sound within the “The 808 Formula” has grit, punch and that deep low-end that is synonymous with tracks that you hear on today’s contemporary Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, alternative, and gospel radio stations.

Unlike most kits that provide manipulated and overly compressed 808 sounds, Anomaly attempts to offer a variety of dynamics, sounds effects, accents, kicks and textures merged within each 808 bass sample.  I have heard a number of sample kits with muddy 808 samples but “The 808 Formula” provides simple quality material. Each sound is well shaped and equalized. The attack on some those 808 are killer. “Hissy Fit 808”, “Smacking 808” and “Posted 808” are three bass sounds that pack a hard attacking kick with that heavy bottom.

Here are a few of my favorite sounds from the “The 808 Formula”: “All Night 808”, “Gust of Dust 808”, “Jabber 808”, “Orange 808”, “Quick 808”, “Rude Drop 808”, and “Sine Up 808”. “Smell the Woofer” has to be one of my all-time favorites. It takes me back to a time when I was living in South Carolina and my cousin and I would always try to make the subwoofers bounce and rumble. Some of you know what I mean. There is something about that 808 rumble.

“The 808 Formula” is perfect for producers trying to remain current, cutting edge and create something remotely close to the tracks you hear on the radio. If you want to make the club banger, hood anthem, pop party rocker, or tracks for those with the tricked out cars, then this is your kit.  Also, if you make trap, boom-trap, Trap-n-B or R-n-Bass then this drum kit definitely caters to your sound and is required material for your sample library. Be sure to head over to the Sound Oracle  and add The 808 Formulato your collection for only 30.00 dollars.


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