Analog Bits Vol. 3

What’s up everyone? It Daysun Civil and I am back at it with another review. You know what it is…Drums, Drums, and more Drums. This time around, the Drum Broker has released another drum kit that may appeal more to producers and beat-makers who love boombap or sounds that come from the MPC 3000. This is why the Drum Broker’s latest kit is entitled Analog Bits Vol. 3. Let the review begin.

Analog Bits Vol. 3, just as the title states, is the third edition in the Analog Bits series offered by the Drum Broker. Analog Bits Vol. 3 is a small kit packed with 51 sounds processed in the MPC 3000. There are 5 folders of samples labeled as follows: Bass Notes, Fills, Kicks, Percussion and Snares. There are (6) bass samples, (4) drum fills, (12) kick drum samples, (16) percussive samples and (13) snare samples.

Those of us who remember the punch of the MPC 3000 knows about the warmth produced when sampling records and sounds. That same warmth is displayed in each sample of Analog Bits vol. 3. Those who purchase this kit will hear grit, punch and presence in the bass, kicks and snares. Producers who love that gritty sound will definitely enjoy a drum kit like this. The 16 bit stereo 44.1 kHz sampling ability is one of the key elements to the MPC 3000’s ability to produce quality sounds. This is probably why the Drum Broker used this sampling giant.

When I listen to the “Working Bass” sample, located in the Bass Notes folder, I think about the deep bass sounds J-Dilla used in many of his record. When I listen to the kicks, I recall Mobb Deep records with those hard hitting breaks and beats. When listening to the percussion, I think back to OutKast, TLC, Goodie Mob and Dungeon Family records. The snares (Bueno Snare) remind me of all the gritty street hip-hop records made in the nineties. This kit is a nice throwback to the past.

There are no extreme issues with this kit. I happen to like Analog Bits Vol. 3. There is one point of interest I would like to make. When I listen to some sounds, there were three to four samples that had instrument parts in them. This brings me back to a discussion I had on Facebook. I asked the question, how do you like your samples or what types of samples do you like? The response I got back was “clean”. Some producers want clean or dry sounds minus all the extra stuff and over processing. Overall, Analog Bits Vol. 3 is still a great drum kit.

Producers, if you are looking for throwback sounds from the MPC 3000 then you need to get Analog Bits 3. Analog Bits Vol. 3 is perfect for all genres of music but my boombap heads will love this drum-kit. Head over to Drum Broker’s website and purchase this kit for 14.99. You can’t beat that.


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