Xclusive Audio Deep Keyz

What’s up Maschine Masters? This is Crisis bringing you my 1st sample pack review. Deep Keyz Special Edition is brought to you by Xclusive Audio. This sample pack gives you 31 Piano loops to chop or use as a foundation to create your own custom beats with. They even threw in the MIDI files of the loops so that you can import them into your DAW and customize, or use a different vst instrument with the same melody. As a bonus, Xclusive Audio added over 100 drum sounds to get you started. As expected, all of the samples are 24 bit WAV files and tempo marked for ease of use.


Going through the Samples, all 31 of them sound clean leaving plenty of room for you to add some meat or dirty them up if you like. The melodies are well put together. Most of them have a dark ballad feel to them even though they have BPM’s in the 90’s with names to match their feel like “Diedforya”, “Empty Soul”, “Don’t Leave”, and “Sad Day”.


There were a few stood out to me. “First Love” has a uptempo anthem vibe to it. Sounds like something you would hear somebody like Joe Budden spitting too. “Relax” has a nice story telling feel to it. It instantly made me think of something smooth you would hear Common on. “Lost” also had a nice story telling vibe to it but more on the dark side; Something street. I could hear Styles P telling a hood story to it. “Lay Down” was my favorite of the 31 loops. One of the few that didn’t have a dark feel to it like some of the other loops, which is what made it stand out to me a little more. It just had a feel good vibe to it. It reminded me a little of something from the early Roc-A-Fella days. For those of you that would rather use your own pianos but retain the melodies played in this samples, as I mentioned earlier, the MIDI files to the loops are included so that you can import them into your DAW and customize each one to your hearts content.


Next up is the Drums. You can never have enough in my opinion. They give you a couple of 808’s and a bunch of Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hats, and Percussion sounds. Each in their own respective folder for those that like to keep their drum sounds organized like myself. As with the piano loops, the drum sounds are clean. You will find what you like. Overall they will be a useful addition to your drum library.


The Deep Keyz Special Edition Pack will give you good piano melodies and a nice amount of drum sounds to help you build your beats. If you’re looking to add that piano element to your production this kit is a good start. For more Exclusive Audio sound packs be sure to check out their website http://xclusive-audio.com


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